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No Man's Sky, Get HYPED! Fractals, man.

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Shoemaker sounds great taking the lead on the podcast, good work Brad!

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Brad is doing a great job hosting! Well done!

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@novis said:

Holy shit! Brad is hosting! I've been waiting for this day! *Breaks emergency glass, pulls out Team Brad shirt.* Let's do this shit!

*grabs shirt* Brad is at his best when the shackles of oppression are broken and free to express his opinion without retribution! Attica! Attica!

(<3 Jeff)

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Bradcast! Can't wait to listen to the whole thing!

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A Bradcast you say?? Bring it on! My ears are ready. :)

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Post E3 Bombcast!

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Good job hosting Brad (not sarcastic).

I miss Vinny.

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Oh shit a Bradcast! I've always wanted to hear one!

Thought you did a great job Brad.

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These people wanting a challenge in an MMO needn't look far. Garrosh is the final boss of WoW's latest raid instance which was added to the game in September of last year. As of May 11th, only 0.8% of all players had killed him on Heroic, the hardest difficulty. That's compared to 13.3% who had killed him on Normal difficulty, which is the next step down from Heroic; and 51.2% on Looking for Raid, which is the "casual mode" match-making difficulty that Rorie mentioned.

On the server I played on, Silvermoon/Mok'Nathal, the first guild to kill Heroic Garrosh only did so after two months and over four hundred attempts.

WoW's end-game is fucking brutal, and it's absolutely not just a matter of getting people together. It would be ignorant to think otherwise.

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Brad may spend too much time and menus and not enough time paying attention to game mechanics, but he knows how to run a tight Bombcast. He keeps conversations on point and moving. I can't remember the last time Bombcast was less than 2.5 hours.

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Brad, you are pretty good at this hosting thing.

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Voxels? Hey, voxels are due for a comeback.

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Yo Daniel Nerf Arena Blast was duuuuuuuuuuuuumb!

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This Bombcast was an absolute delight to listen to. Brad did an amazing job as host, definitely wouldn't mind hearing more Bombcasts with him in the host chair.

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Good job, Brad! #TeamBradcast

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Brad killed it. This is the first bombcast I've listened to all the way through in quite some time. That's probably more due to its being the first since E3 than Brad's masterful hosting, but at no point did my interest wane.

Brad seems to excel more when given top billing, where his personal and unique perspective on the industry can come through (which I've always felt was more aligned with my own). Brad comes off as a very personable guy, which serves him well as host. Hopefully this is the start of him spearheading a lot more content to come. I enjoyed The Daily Dota for quite some time, it just eventually petered out (no Bodega was a huge loss), so I'd like to see Brad do some more of his own stuff. Breaking Brad's always good, of course.

Great Bombcast!

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Bradcast, and it's pretty good.

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Brad hosting !?

(Insert Dotacast joke here)

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Huh. That one email.

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@bbk said:

@rorie said:

I'm also wrong about pretty much everything else I say.

That's what makes you so delightful! I hope this promotion to the podcast is a lasting thing.


Rorie has a tendency to rant, but he caught himself on this one. To shame! Rant away, Rorie. Rant away, and give us a glimpse into that weird and wonderful world of yours.

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Go Brad!

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Drew describing a day of paintball sounds so epic lol. For a moment I considered getting a new paintball gun after that. Hmmm. :p

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@lurkero said:

Brad may spend too much time and menus and not enough time paying attention to game mechanics, but he knows how to run a tight Bombcast. He keeps conversations on point and moving. I can't remember the last time Bombcast was less than 2.5 hours.

why would you want it less than 2.5 hours?

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TMIcast with that pooping email.

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The BRADCAST IS FUCKING DOPE!!! dude you really worked it!

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This was a really well paced and consistent bombcast, hafta admit. I've always thought that with Jeff as host it... tends to meander a little more than it should sometimes. I think because Brad is naturally a more stern and slightly more self-serious sort of fellow that he has a handle on keeping things moving; likely why he's always thought of as being the best interviewer of the crew as well. Having Rorie & Danny along certainly helped, too. With Drew it overall made for a really good mix.

Though I'd like to think Jeff or Vinny wouldn't have taken the coward's way out with regards to that email ;) So, I would have to deduce a few points for that niggle.

Also, ''Stay awhile and play Halo''.

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I was half-expecting for the crew to miss this week. But nope, nobody can defuse the Bombcast!

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Awesome Bradcast, well done fellas.

Rorie needs to be on more Bombcasts.

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This week's "Huh" conversation on the Bombcast reminds me of the recent "Super" conversation from Idle Thumbs. Basically, it turns out that everyone on Idle Thumbs uses the word "super" as a modifier above all others. Nothing is ever "really" or "very" good, it's always "super good".

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you did a great job and you were very upbeat.

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Really well hosted podcast by Brad. And I'd be all for having Rorie on the podcast more, he was really good here. And of course the more regularly Danny can be on the podcast, especially with vinny gone, the better; though I know his time's often spoken for. This was one of my favorite Bombcasts in a while, even without Jeff there.

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Huh. Bradcast was really good. Great job hosting, Bradley!

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That cold exit.

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@coafi said:

Huh. Bradcast was really good. Great job hosting, Bradley!

I just started and was taken aback. Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Before I forget to make the joke, are you saying he didn't "Brad" the podcast? Zing!

This has been a taste of the real future, a.k.a. the disbandment, dissolution of the 4-member band GB users have grown up with. It's infinitely harder to have so many changes to the cast within the past year.

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Nice work Brad!

Anyone know what the Dota 2 league he mentioned is? That sounded like something I'd be interested in...

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Great job hosting Brad! I'm really happy that he was forced into position of greater responsibility so we could see more of his personality shine through.

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That email was, um, extremely disquieting... and I wish Brad had recited every filthy word of it.

Good hosting job otherwise, Brad! Ya did Jeff proud.

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the one email that should never have been read

Ooooohohoho! What has Mr. E-mails wrought with his newfound power?

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It sounds like the hype for No Man's Sky is real. What does Danny have cooking over at Gamespot with No Man's Sky? Why isn't the 2 hour interview out right now?

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You're a Bombcast

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Loading Video...

PC GTA IV? Check out the Back to the Future Mod!

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I'm really excited to listen to a Brad hosted bombcast! This should be awesome.

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@sharkman: remember when they were 3 hours? those were the days.

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I hope Danny becomes a regular!