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i will miss patrick a lot :(

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Bye Patrick!

Posted by EricSmith

Pooooooodcast! Yeeehaw!

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Peace, patrick. :(

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Bomb time.

Posted by JigglePhysx

Bombcast Time!

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The best day of the week is finally here.

Posted by Scriptwriter77

You're the man Patrick! Will miss you alot on the bombast dude :(

All the best to you and your family bro :)

Posted by Tom_Scherschel

"Near...far...wherever you are..." So long Patrick, you will be missed!

Posted by soubriquet

Noooooo Patrick!! Skype in on podcasts!

Posted by FlappyHands

It is time, friends!

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the end of an era

Posted by SgtSphynx

Gonna miss Patrick

Posted by iAmJohn

I am pleased, and yet, distressed by this Bombcast.

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Noooooo Patrick!! Skype in on podcasts!

I think they should do Skype bit each week with Alex and Patrick.

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Bittersweet Bombcast.

Posted by Flappy

I'll miss Patrick and I -really- hope Miami gets this W.

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To Patrick!

Posted by Fram

@patrickklepek you shall be greatly missed on the bombcast and QLs good sir.

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Is it Tuesday? Hell yea it is.


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Isn't Chicago a dangerous city compared to San Francisco? Chiraq?

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Peace and love, Tricky.

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All kidding aside, Chicago's got a SERIOUS problem with gang violence and gun crime. Skip to 2:25 to see an interview with a group of fine, upstanding Chicago residents.

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We will miss you on the Bombcast, Kleptok. *sadface* *alien robot noises*

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I'll miss Patrick.

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Gonna miss you Tricky

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6/18/2013 never forget

Posted by JTC545

Pour one out for mah boy, scoops

Posted by AV_Gamer

Stay safe, Patrick. Chicago is a war-zone right now. You were a great addition to the cast. You brought a sense of professionalism and balance that the website needed.

Posted by Nights

It's been real, Scoops.

Posted by Encephalon

I hope Patrick brings it full circle and goes out reading the back of a Grandma's Cookies wrapper.

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Well I'm going to miss you on the bombcast Patrick. good luck in Chicago and keep up the good work i'll be looking forward to your upcoming reviews, worth readings, spooken with scopes, and hot steaming dump trucks. Here's to you duder.

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Time to start the GB East Podcast/Live Show/Whatever with Alex and Patrick.

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Bombcast time yet again YEEAH! :D

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This should be a good one.

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Best picture ever!!!!


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Podcast is not showing up on Instacast. Transitioning from E3 casts back to regular ass episodes must be hard from the publishing end of things.

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Damn it Patrick why you leave? Wait i don't care why we will miss the curly hair dude.

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Pour one out for Patrick :'(

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Should a got Rorie in for Dark Souls chat, he's was streaming the game all last week.

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petition to flash clone patrick's brain so that he can continue to be on podcasts via AI.

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Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg has a character in it named Bantam Scrambled.Fuck.

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Hmmm, Dark Souls 2 sounds a lot harder, and also I like the look of the game a lot more, the animation looks smooth and lively and the models looked more detailed and such. I hope it launches on PC.