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First comment :O

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This is still a great episode to listen to.  :-)

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'Dreamcast dance mats' has just ousted 'cellar door'. People who have seen Donnie Darko know what I'm talking about.

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i dont remember this one ???
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Lol they convince brad Starcraft II could come out at the end of 2008, right now its end of 2009 and no beta even started.

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Lol, specualtaion on Starcraft II being released in '08, now it '10 and it probably still won't come out this year.
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Wow, nobody used to comment!
So much has changed...

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Having a campaign for every race, I think a lot of people wanted that. Blizzard did still a great job.

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Listening to Brad's thoughts on MMOs and how they perfectly match his current thoughts (nothing can compete with WoW, MMOs just seem kind of silly) is bizarre when the podcast ends with "this site doesn't exist yet."