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Finally! My foie gras and truffles were getting cold waiting for my PREMIUM Bombcast.

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@vuud: Only new money eats that trash.

Filet Mignon with a rich balsamic glaze, the real shit.

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Kobe beef only please. And, yes, I will have that fifty-year-old scotch.

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I will have nothing to do with Small Businessmen!

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@foil1212: Yes, Fortune 500 only at this country club, old bean.

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Skeewz my ignance but wuts the difference between this and the non-premium podcast?

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Welcome to the VIP room

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@vonsoot said:

Welcome to the VIP room

Do we get bottle service here?

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Hmmm... Is it weird that I like Small Businessman?

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This is where Big Businessman comes to listen to his podcasts.

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Who is the guest?

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Here in the premium lounge, our chicken is personally deboned by Alexis.

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In reference to Jeff asking about drops in the destiny Alpha i found they dropped at a decent rate whether that will change for beta and final release i don't know but in the Alpha it felt fine.