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@conmulligan: So, who would you have liked better? Just curious, I didn't have anyone in mind in the first place, I don't know gaming personalities/writers very well outside of GB.

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I had a feeling this is where Ryckert was headed when he announced he was leaving Game Informer. Glad to see him show up on another site I spend a lot of time on.

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This is the best day.

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@nohthink said:

something is wrong.... Wait.... it's not TUESDAY yet!!!

It's Tuesday somewhere


I wonder what @patrickklepek would have to say about the lack of Diversity at Giantbomb.com

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Dude, @jeff I saw Dr. Strange on the roster while you played Marvel Heroes and now I can't stop either!

Maybe that is because Marvel Heroes is actually a good game? I certainly have not regretted any of the over 100 hours I put into it.

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New people! Super excited for this! Welcome to the site, Dan and Jason!

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Happy to have you, Dan and Jason!

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Hey, my email was read on this episode!

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Perfect hires for the site and community. My worry, when everyone in the room shares pretty much a lot of the same gaming nostalgic viewpoints and interests will it stagnate content and discussion.

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Thanks for the kind words, folks! This is going to be a lot of fun.

A lot of fun...

*fires up Photoshop*

A lot of fun indeed...

Welcome to the Jungle.

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What the fuck!? My whole week's schedule is all thrown off now.

j-just give some warning or something next time, GB! I need to prepare for these changes! New staff is one thing, that's fine and I can manage. But posting the Bombcast on a Monday!? Have we all gone mad? Q__Q

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I honestly have no clue who either of those guys are, but welcome to giantbomb :)

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@w1n5t0n: Was that a reply to me or the other guy? I'm confused.

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Greetings new duders. I look forward to the addition of your Game Inform...ation to the collective.

@freakin9 said:

I hate them already and I haven't even pressed play.

Oh yeah, well I hated them before this podcast was even recorded.

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New bloooodddddddd

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The early Bombcast? No complaints.

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Imagine Giantbomb Network !?!?

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Happy to welcome new hires to the site! I'm sure they'll do a good job and all that, but I have to say I'm a little bit disappointed that we're not gonna get a bit of diversity on the staff.

I love this site and I love the guys on it and I'm sure I'll love the new guys, but there's a large issue of representation all over the industry and someone has to push that stuff or it won't change.

I agree that people shouldn't be hired simply to check a box in order to look more diverse, but I know that I personally want to hear the opinions of people who have more different backgrounds. It would just be nice, is all. I think the site would be improved by it.

That said; good luck everyone! Looking forward to all the new content and such.

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Welcome to the site guys!

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Great to see some new blood! I'm sure they will fit in just fine.

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it's like a time void

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This is excellent news on all fronts. All fronts and backs. All of it.

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This is all sorts of unacceptable.

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Should we start hating on them now?

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I'm incredible excited to see what Dan can bring to this hot mess.

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Welcome, duders. Now let's see em on some quicklooks.

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I am not a fan of Ryckert. I knew this was coming, knew he was coming to Giant Bomb (it was pretty obvious), had time to prepare... and still am unhappy about it. Ah well. Maybe Giant Bomb will change him for the better. Or maybe I'll just get over myself.

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Jason sounds like Shawn Michaels.

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Welcome to the site guys. Didn't expect GB to be able to grab this high off the shelf, but that can only be a good thing =)

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New hires?! Not Tuesday?!???
oh man oh man gotta listen to this

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I don't know who these guys are but they seem great so great! :D

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New hires! huh

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Should we start hating on them now?

Patrick is the greatest thing that's ever happened to Giant Bomb, just as Alex before him, and who the HELL do these UPSTARTS THINK THEY ARE?!?!?!

I cannot WAIT for their first Quick Look and forum threads about how "the site's just NOT the same since those new guys came on."

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It's still monday here. This makes me very upset.

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Are they in Russia playing Spintires in real life?

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Works for me! Welcome aboard, guys.

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Count me in the "bummed they didn't get some more diversity in the office but still excited for the new guys" camp. Diversity for the sake of statistics and quotas isn't anything I'm interested in but having a broader spectrum of voices and perspectives is. Still looking forward to seeing how this goes.

For a minute the thumbnail had me terrified that Greg Miller was coming aboard. I almost barfed.

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Not sure if someone posted this already but the archives of SGDQ (discussed on the podcast) is right here http://www.reddit.com/r/speedrun/comments/28spkz/sgdq_vods_thread/.

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Jeff put a small cooling rack or something over the boiling hot dog and put the bun there and you will have a fresh hot dog with a nice and steamy bun.

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Guacamelee! was the most fun I had with any game last year. There are some tricky platforming sections near the end but the penalty for messing up isn't harsh at all, and it has the challenge / satisfaction of completion that's been missing from most modern games. Some of them are optional, too. Still worth doing for the heck of it. It ramps up slowly with new mechanics but by the end you should be able to string them all together, may take a few tries but nothing is really impossible.

And @jeff the melee combat gets really good as you unlock more moves and such. Visit the trainer in town to learn more intricate combos, too. Dudes do get knocked back, but you can also bounce them off walls, and roll and jump and catch them, also uppercut them straight up more or less. Sometimes it's better to knockback because they will hit and stumble other enemies, too. It doesn't have to be immediate grab or nothing, the timing is fairly safe for the suplex or throw when open (long window), although a quick smash and grab is still possible because the controls are very responsive. Stick with it!