Posted by joeshabadoo

I'll see if I can stomach this tomorrow, but thank you for continuing on. Ryan would approve

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RIP Ryan Davis.

Posted by Fluttercry

I feel obligated to listen to this. R.I.P. Ryan, we'll miss you

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We love you all.

Posted by clush

Thanks guys. And thanks, Ryan.

Posted by GuardianKnux

Rest in peace sir.

Posted by Samael2138

See you on the other side, brother....RIP

Posted by ConsideredDead

Thanks for everything Ryan.

Posted by ghostchant


Posted by mobius006

shot and a beer ready. RIP sir.

Posted by Savitry

RIP Ryan Davis.

Posted by mdmac92

Well, here I go....

Posted by MisterMouse

not sure if I can handle this one.

Posted by SydneySteverson

I do not know how to feel right now. Or if I'm ready.

Rest in peace, Ryan.

Posted by Unavailable

I've been bracing myself for this since the news and I'm still not prepared. :(

Posted by Aarny91

This is going to be awful.

Posted by Eljay

Hopefully this is a welcome catharsis for all. Much love to everyone in the community.

Posted by frankiebeanz


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I am going to cry.

Posted by jorojoserojas

This did it. I teared up immediately. Just as the first joke came up. Managed to avoid it until then.

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Ah, Christ.

Posted by RetroVirus

Nothing stops the Bombcast. <>

Posted by Reisz

We love you guys. Rest easy Ryan, thanks for everything duder.

Posted by TricksterLoki

Still tuesday here. I have to push through.

Posted by Ben_H

Oh man Vinny sounded like he was gonna break like 10 seconds in. This is going to be rough...

Posted by cblanknz

Oh damn.... I don't know if I am ready

Posted by Butano

Thanks for doing this guys. It's nice to hear from y'all. That preview picture is just perfect.

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Wow the guys did it, not sure i could have done a podcast after that. RIP RTD.

Posted by BobBarker

My body is not ready.

Posted by Riyeka

RIP Ryan :(

Posted by Rolyatkcinmai

Love you guys.

Posted by mrpandaman

Thank you guys for doing this when you never had to.

And rest in peace, Ryan.

Posted by Sackmanjones

R.I.P friend, you will always live on through this podcast and we will always be here to listen.

Posted by Ooame

This is going to be hard to listen to.

Posted by cordialsnail

Hey everybody, it's Tuesday ...

Posted by Prosif

Rest in peace, Ryan. We all love the shit out of you.

Posted by Servo

it's tuesday

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RIP Ryan Davis, 1979 - 2013.

Ryan meet Heaven, Heaven meet Ryan.


Posted by Kain55

Oh man. Here it goes.

RIP Ryan.

Posted by Kowalczyk

This is going to be a rough listen.

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That picture. :,( Thank you giantbomb crew for doing this and may Ryan Davis RIP.

Posted by Landmine

RIP Ryan, much love and much love to the rest of the crew. I'm going to go get a box of tissues.

Posted by thedude1

This is going to be rough. You are missed duder

Posted by BBQBram

Rest in peace, Taswell.

Posted by RonGalaxy

I'm not ready for this....

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<> RIP

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RIP Ryan <>

Jeff starting with an NDX gag couldn't have been anymore perfect.

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Rest in peace, friend

Posted by ArtisanBreads

Love you guys.

We will always remember Ryan.

Posted by HammondofTexas

It's Tuesday. R.I.P. R.T.D.