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Posted By PollySMPS

Just...gonna let the feelings happen. There's no point in holding back. Seeing the picture Vinny uploaded already broke me to pieces. Fuck, I want a hug.

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Posted By Soapy86

Oh goddamn it. That picture. I don't know if I can listen. :(

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Posted By Senobo

Be in peace, Ryan.

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Posted By Shayera

Thanks Ryan for everything. You won't be forgotten! :'(

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Posted By Ballskin

Love you all.

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Posted By WolfHazard

I love you all, this is going to be so hard

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Edited By DexterKid

The clock says it's 5:26 on Wednesday morning here in London, but for me, as always ''..it's Tooooosday!''

Will never forget you Ryan.

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Posted By bowlcut

The episode that confuses the hell out of me

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Posted By Nikoran

Thanks, guys.

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Posted By benpicko

;_; ;_;

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Posted By eskimo

Thanks guys, this means so much to Ryan's fans.

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Posted By RadixNegative2

Thanks for this. I love you guys.

RIP Ryan.

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Posted By Sgtpierceface

Thank you guys for doing this, and doing so with smiles and jokes too. Thanks guys, we'll never forget Ryan.

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Honestly wasn't expecting this tonight but I'm really looking forward to listening to this. RIP Ryan Davis.

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Posted By PaulM

RIP Ryan

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Posted By Warihay

Haven't even pressed play and I'm already crying.

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Posted By Fearbeard

Well I made it 21 seconds... this will have to wait till another day.

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Posted By kylekrane

I just want you guys to know that we all admire the strength it took to do this. We love you guys.

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Posted By max_mischi3f

I've never been so bummed to see a Bombcast go up. Godspeed Ryan.

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Posted By Kushteh

Dunno if I'm ready for this, thank you so much guys.

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Posted By rm082e

They started off laughing. God bless you guys.

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Edited By John-Luke

It'll be OK, guys.

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Posted By Magun

Goodnight sweet prince

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Posted By Aegon

I paused it. Don't know if I can do this. I'll get some water and come back.

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Edited By Ben_H

LOL Jeff bringing back Nintendownloads.

Edit: back to seriousness. At least he is keeping things lighthearted.

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God speed Ryan Davis. Go with God and thank you for everything.

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Posted By jiggajoe14

RIP Ryan. I'm sure this will be the emotional hit that send me over

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Posted By nonforma

Wow, bravo.

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Posted By Artof_War

Here we go. Glad you guys did this.

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Posted By Ksaw

Thanks for doing this, guys.

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Posted By Jojojimmeny

For once, I don't think my body IS ready, but I need to listen regardless.

Thanks for doing this one guys - we all would have understood if you needed to take time off, but I believe this will help all of us in the end.

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Edited By Walreese55

well shit.

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Posted By TopCat

<> Thanks Ryan Davis

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Posted By KidA

You guys are warriors

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Posted By deckard42

Here we go, RIP Ryan.

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Posted By TriangleHard

Well this is the first bombcast I don't want to listen to, as well as being first bombcast that will never be deleted from my phone.

R.I.P Ryan

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Posted By Shaneman

"And none of you can stop me"

-Jeff Gerstmann

Fucking love you guys so damn much. Thank you.

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Posted By BlackSymbiote

Love ya Ryan. Won't be the same without you. Thanks for this everybody.

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Posted By Nobuyuki

Nothing but love to you guys for putting this together. No one would question it if you guys wanted to take a week off, but I'm amazed at your dedication for making sure the show goes on. Thank you so much for sharing your memories of an exceptional person.

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Edited By ottoman673

...well, here we go.

at least Jeff is keeping warm spirits... so far.

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Posted By Leosol

I fucking love you guys. Thank you.

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Posted By Jace

Here we go, thanks to the crew and community. God damn it this sucks.

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Posted By artgarcrunkle

It's incredible you guys recorded and released this. For what it's worth, it means a lot to the fans. Sorry for (y)our loss.

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Posted By Zanthox

Thanks for posting so soon after. My prayers go out to you guys and his family.

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Posted By Swordcery

This is gonna be rough....

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Posted By Grilledcheez

Let's do this, FOR RYAN

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Posted By KainCarver

Yeah i just can't look at that empty chair photo without tearing up. Going to have to listen to this one alone later.

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Posted By itspizza

Well, at least Jeff is in good spirit

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Edited By noby_guy

The tears are already rolling for me. You will be missed Ryan! :(

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