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I'm terrified to listen to this. Maybe I can't cry anymore. *sees image* WRONG!

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Can I just say that you guys on the Bombsquad are the fucking BEST? You guys are THE BEST for actually doing a podcast this week. Holy crap, you guys.

NOTHING stops the Bombcast, and that's how Ryan liked it!

Edit: First MINUTE and you guys are already making me laugh through the tears. Amazing.

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RIP Ryan Davis. We'll all miss you.

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I'm not ready for this but I'm going to hit play anyway. Bracing myself.

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I don't know if I can listen to this right now...

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This is one i cannot listen to at work. It would be real bad.

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Thanks, Ryan.

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Man, Never missed a Bombcast. A highlight of my week for years. I am afraid to press play. I might just break down.

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Hearing you guys laugh just put a huge jolt of joy into my heart.

God dammit you guys mean a lot to me.

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RIP Ryan

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Fuck... here we go. RIP Ryan

Edit: Thank you GB crew and community, you are all the best.

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Thank you so much for everything you did Ryan. RIP

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Jeff flat out killed it less than two minutes, amazing.

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Thank you everyone. Everyone.

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In memory of Ryan Davis

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this is way to harsh

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RIP, Ryan. Thanks for everything.

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Fuck Ryan Davis.

edit: you know when Vinny is on the mic at the beginning shit is serious.

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Pour one out, gentlemen.

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Fuck, only 2 minutes in and you can feel Ryan's presence missing. Jeff is talking about the e-shop and no one is there to stop him anymore...

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Going to miss you buddy, thanks for the laughs and the memories.

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Fuck. Well... hey everybody. It's Tuesday. Downloading now.

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Man, this one must have been so difficult to make. Much respect guys. Condolences. Going to miss you Ryan Davis.

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It dont sound right....it doesnt sound right at all.

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It's been hard to really process. its really just felt unreal until now, i dont know if i'm going to be able to handle this. its the first bomb cast i've ever not looked forward to :(

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This image... :-(

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Have not felt this sad over a celebrity dying since George Carlin. Wasn't expecting a Bombcast this week.


RIP Mr. Davis

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Nothing stops it

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China does care.

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I knew you had to. Thanks guys. I'm sorry.

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Here we go.

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Thank you guys for doing this, love all of you.

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This is going to be rough

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Fuck, I need this...

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That picture... RIP Ryan.

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Thank you guys, from the bottom of my heart. I think we all needed this.

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I love you guys. RIP Ryan

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Guys, thank you for putting this out. Rest in Peace Ryan.

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Thanks guys not even two minutes in... I'm laughing and teary eyed

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I never would have expected any sort of podcast this week. I can still hardly believe Ryan's gone.
Thank you for trudging on. You're all stronger individuals than the one typing this comment.

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Well, here it goes.....

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I am so sad. Goodbye Ryan.

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This is the worst. I am going to cry...

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Yah I cant do this right now.

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This is gonna be rough....

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We will miss you Ry!

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RIP Ryan...you've left a hole that can never be filled and countless memories that have made our lives better. And thanks to the GB crew for sharing this moment with us.

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Oh man. That image. Fuck.