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Posted by neilcaverley

The first bombcast I wish never had to happen , when I saw it went up I couldn't listen to it until today. Ryan has made an impression on all of us and will be missed so much on that note China Don't Care !!!! Rest in Peace Ryan Davis

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I appreciated Ryan because he did something I thought was amazing -- played video games for a living. I think I liked Ryan, though, because he did that thing amazingly. The energy and enthusiasm and positivity and enthusiastic chuckles. This podcast made me happy by totally validating all those things I saw in Ryan. They were real! Other people, who knew him far better than I, saw them too! It made me equally sad, because all those things were true and I didn't and won't get to see more of them.

I hope everything is well for the bombcrew and Ryan's family and friends for some time. This must be a monumental loss, coming when it did and so unexpectedly.

I lost a very close friend when I was 20. 13 years later I still think of him often. Sometimes it is painful. More often it is joyful. Never is it quite easy.

Ryan Davis, you are missed.

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In 2012, Ryan Davis convinced me that Syndicate was a great game, despite all evidence to the contrary. The same year he also made this dumb awesome thing with the WWE13 movie maker that made me happy for days.


Posted by Max_Cherry

Thank you guys for helping to give some us closure on the matter by giving us a podcast. I can't imagine how hard it was for you. Just know we understand and take as long as you need, we'll still be here ready for your future shenanigans. <RIP Ryan Davis>

This. I'll miss you Ryan.

Posted by Stubert73

So glad and so surprised you guys did this so soon after your loss. I hope it was cathartic. Thanks so much for sharing these great memories.

Posted by hanktherapper

What a loving and moving tribute to Ryan Davis. I've been really saddened by his passing and my heart goes out to all who loved him.

Posted by cassus

I miss you

Posted by Deathpooky

Here we go. RIP Ryan.

Posted by batmancubed

I have not fully accepted what i have lost , but this death hurts me . All the hours of podcast and video I know this man from . I am happy these men I respect have accepted such a lose. . My best friend who overdosed 8 years ago pops up in my head almost everyday. Death of a friend never really leaves someone . You just stay alive , and remember that friend. Ryan a friend i never meet , will stay in my thoughts the rest of my life . We living just get to go on until we too are dead

Posted by Fender

Still can't believe this, i didn't visit GB for a week because i had other stuff to do, then i come back to this. I listened to the podcast and i feel so much for you guys right now, you have lost a good friend and co-worker in Ryan. I've been following you guys since the gamespot era, and i will continue to follow you. All of you guys are amazing and everything you do is top notch. //Sad greetings from a big fan from the cold north (Sweden).

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This was a beautiful episode, guys. It's amazing to think how many lives he was able to touch with his crazy sense of humour. Ryan will be missed.

Posted by Deviant

I usually listen to the Bombcast to and from work but obviously this particular episode was not suited for that. I held off listening until today (Friday) and spent the afternoon on my patio drinking Eagle Rare (with just one ice) and smoking a Cuban cigar while listening. It was my own little tribute to someone who has been a part of my life for more than three hours a week for close to a decade. Thinking about it I probably listened to Ryan talk more often and for longer than the majority of my friends on a weekly basis. I don't know if the gaming community has ever suffered a loss this great. While I've joined everyone in remembering how great Ryan was, sending my condolences to his friends and family and re-watching his large body of work my thoughts are now with the rest of Giant Bomb going forward. Ryan wouldn't quit. Ryan would have adapted to this and while none of you are Ryan and nobody will fill his place in your group all of you are strong enough to keep what he helped create and move it forward. We need you to.

When you're ready.

Posted by hartkid

Thanks for helping us all process and cope, guys. So much respect for getting this out there for the community.

Posted by Scotto

I don't think it's going to completely hit home for me, until they come back and start making content again, and Ryan isn't there.

This is just so fucked up. I probably spent more hours watching and listening to Ryan Davis every week, than I did talking to my actual friends. Podcast day is a staple of my week, as are the weekly shows - and Ryan was central to all of them.

That Liverpool video just sums up, for me, what we've lost.

On the bright side, if you can call it that, the outpouring from the gaming community, and the Giant Bomb community, has been staggering. I wonder if these guys knew how much impact their work had on people.

Posted by xplay25

My own feeling is that losing someone is never okay. You just live with it. You gradually come out of the initial grieving response, but that hole is there forever. I lost my dad when I was 10 and spent the next 10 years of my life just pushing it away. Ever since then, I've not been able to make myself go to any funerals.

The point in saying all of this is that the death of a loved one is a profound experience that deserves great sympathy from all. As someone who has experienced this, you have my sympathy.

Posted by TheSquarePear

Condolences to everyone who knew and cared about Ryan.

Ryan made the impression on me as an all-american man and I admired his taste in games (Assassin's Creed, Forza Horizon and maybe Tiger Woods or golf games in general, especially Sim Golf) as well as his writing. The combination of Ryan and the Kinect was a match made in comedy heaven but it makes me feel bad for enjoying those videos if it caused Ryan any kind of pain.

I still can't understand how he convinced Adam Boyes, Vince Zampella and Cliff Blezinski to coming to the E3 shows and I'm really thankful for all the hours of entertainment he provided us.

Thanks Ryan for your crazy antics and the stories describing them.

Posted by civid

Now it's even more sad my China Don't Care T-shirt got lost in the mail. Would have ben a great physical memory of a great man. Super episode, very heartwarming

Posted by KennyBhoy

I still haven't quite grasped that we won't be hearing Ryan's voice every week on the Bombcast and when I do try to grasp it, I feel sick in the pit of my stomach.

Major props to the rest of the crew for putting this podcast together. We all appreciate how difficult it must have been to do. I managed to hold it together till near the end and then finally lost my shit.

My condonlences to Anna and all of Ryan's family and friends.

Well all just fucking miss you duder!

Posted by Zonerender

Loved this show. RIP Ryan. Love ya man

Posted by solidwolf52

Thanks Ryan. Site won't be the same without you bud.

Posted by skiguyusc

I never met Ryan, but he managed to make me laugh on a regular basis for at least 7 years. Thank you guys doing this. He was a wonderful person.

Posted by first_phase_skeith

Well a bombcast has never made me cry before. That was a new experience. Much love to all you guys and hopefully a good rest to the greatest duder there ever was.

Posted by doorbot

Thanks so much for letting us hear this and remember Ryan in the best way possible--through your memories (even if you had to break the podcast "rules" to do it, heh). I spent most of the day after this came out holed up at my desk, avoiding my coworkers, alternating laughs and tears while looking like a maniac (those last three or four minutes...).

I wasn't prepared to cry at work, but Vinny had me wearing out the pause button to try and compose myself.

Thanks again for the memories, and the stream of great Ryan Davis Moments (TM) on the site.

Posted by KapsLocked

Listening this at work and hearing about it for the first time on Tuesday sucked. But you guys definitely got Ryan's attitude right - always bringing people together, though poking fun at the right moments. He'll be missed.

Stay strong Giant Bomb! :)

Posted by dcturner

Beautiful show, guys. It was a very brave thing to do, and I feel privileged to hear you talk about a dear friend in this way.

Thanks for the countless hours of fun you have given me. We don't know each other, but you have made me smile so much.


Posted by Pop

Anybody got a link to the gamespot E3 giveaway video Ryan and Jeff did? I don't think I've ever seen that one.

Posted by KingX

R.I.P Ryan

Posted by Masha2932

Thanks for everything Ryan.


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This was the perfect podcast for remembering what Ryan Davis meant for the staff of Giant Bomb.

As Matt Rorie quoted: " so long Ryan and thanks for all the fish".

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@legendarychopchop said:

This is how I feel. I can't listen just yet... it cements it. Right now, I'm just still in complete shock about it. So fucking surreal.

I will say though that from the comments on all the videos and podcasts and new stories lately, it seems that everybody has their breaking point where it finally hits them and they end up shedding some tears, and the last few minutes of this podcast were that for me. Something about hearing Vinny break, him specifically, that finally broke me. I'm just glad I'm out of the limbo.

Fuckin Ryan. I'm gonna miss that guy's giggle most of all.

That was the moment for me, too. Those last few minutes..... Phew. I'm glad I finally listened to the end, though.

Thanks, Ryan.

Posted by NeedleLies

I found out about the news during my holidays in Europe, I'm still there and still in complete disbelief and shocked about this. When I saw that you guys had recorded a podcast I had to listen to it. Thanks for doing it, my hearts go out to you guys and his family. Thanks for this podcast guys.

Posted by briancujo

This is very sad news way to talented and young will be missed best wishes to family and friends

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Well done guys - Fantastic way to remember RD, Thank you!

Posted by Susan

Thanks for making and posting the podcast. I don't know what I would have done to process the horrible news without the podcast. It's surprising how much someone you don't know can impact you, but I guess not so surprising given how many tons of hours I spent watching or listening to Ryan. <3

Posted by Superfriend

I finally listened to this yesterday, while taking a long walk through the woods. It´s still rough to think about Ryan and listening to this podcast wasn´t easy.. but I made it trough and would like to thank you all for doing this.

I can only imagine how you guys must feel, but you have just gained a tremendous amount of respect for this heartfelt, funny and sobering podcast you guys have put together. Thank you Giantbomb! And of course thanks to Ryan. I will never forget this.

Posted by xXHesekielXx

We'll miss you Ryan. RIP Sir!

Posted by cepwin

My deepest condolences to Ryan's family, friends and colleagues. It's an awful thing for someone to pass that young.

Posted by Itachiitachi

Won't be the same without Ryan.

Posted by FatDracula

I only just got through this podcast and wow obviously an incredible effort for you guys to get through this in one piece and so soon after. Thanks guys, and thanks ryan.

You were a bomb amongst men.

Posted by cepwin

I just finished it ...wasn't sure how rough it was going to be but hearing all the funny stories helped and I'm sure it was helpful to the bomb crew to talk about their Friend.

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I of course didn't know Ryan personally at all. But he brought real joy into my life on a regular basis. He was great at his job, and he made my life better.

Posted by DiamondDave

RIP Ryan Davis

Posted by RetroMetal

Does anyone know exactly who all was in on this Bombcast?

There are people talking on it about Ryan and I'm not sure who they are.

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

Does anyone know exactly who all was in on this Bombcast?

There are people talking on it about Ryan and I'm not sure who they are.

Jeff, Vinny, Brad, Patrick, Drew, Alexis and Alex.

Posted by XenturiK

Took me till now to even be able to listen to this. It's what I needed. Thanks fellas, Thanks Ryan.

Posted by LaszloKovacs

I've probably listened to this podcast twice a week since it went up, and it's still amazing. This is the sort of thing that Ryan would have been Goddamned proud of. I can't think of a more fitting send-off for Ryan than this wonderful celebration of all the good times that he was a part of.

It hurt the first time, because the first piece of real content the guys did without Ryan sort of made it real - I couldn't pretend it hadn't actually happened any more.

But I'll be Goddamned if this didn't make me feel a thousand times more confident that the GB crew could make this shit work regardless. I was so overwhelmed with this reassurance that this crazy train cannot be stopped for anything, and I was so glad that all of this could continue in that same spirit.

Rest well, you beautiful bastard. You certainly earned it.

Posted by Webby

I have been in Japan since the beginning of July. I am home now and I am here to catch up on everything game related like I always do. Like most people I knew the guys from Gamespot, I cannot believe this and that I have only just found out. RIP Ryan. You will be missed.

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Posted by ThatIndianGuy7116

I don't know if anyone is going to see this, but for some strange reason, I saw this podcast in my list of Giant Bombcasts and decided to listen to it today. I have no idea what persuaded me to do it, but here we are. It's crazy, I thought I had gotten over it already and yet, here I am crying about a person I've never had any human contact with who died a little over 2 months ago. It's still such an unbelievable thing to me. I keep hoping that this is some crazy, elaborate prank that Ryan and the rest of Giant Bomb are pulling and he's going to pop in one day and give us all a giant middle finger.

Who knows? Maybe I'm just a emotional wreck who needs to get some help for crying about a man I know nothing about. I guess, I just wanted to make sure I pay my respects to an awesome dude who left us way too soon.

So, thank's Ryan. Thank you so damn much. For everything.