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I miss you Ryan Davis. Frankly it terrifies me that I can be so moved by the passing of someone I've never met but that's how accustomed to your presence in my life i had become. Listening to this podcast was the first time I cried in 27 years. i know it doesn't mean much & I'm sorry it took so long to express myself but I just needed to say it.

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I just can't listen to this podcast, I would love to but it's just way too depressing, I would cry

Rest in peace you hilarious man

Posted by johnsonic7

I don't know about you guys, but I still find myself reading through these comments and the comments on the news story on a monthly basis since he passed. Frequently listening to old episodes of the Bombcast nearly tricks me into thinking that he's still around, but I always come back down to earth sooner or later. Ryan, you must have been one hell of a guy to leave such a big hole in my heart months after you left us.

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I finally decided to listen to this today. I really just didn't want to listen to this, but I'm really glad I did now and I'm glad you guys did it despite grief and you did it with a smile like Ryan would want you to. I really miss you Ryan.

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@johnsonic7: You summed up my feelings exactly. And I'm on the other side of the world.

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This comment might be a bit late, but as I heard (a long time ago) that he passed away, I just now discovered he died of sleep apnea.

What scares me about that is that my father also has that disorder...

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I have been postponing listening to this for a long time. But i finally did it. It was rough, but also sort of nice. I really miss Ryan. That may be a bit weird and all but yeah.

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I still listen to this at least once a month, this podcast will never be deleted from my ipod. I still cry at the end every time. I love and miss Ryan Davis, and while we never met I am not sure when I will stop missing his presence in me life.

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God damn. Just looking at that picture for the podcast makes me cry.


This was a stunning day. I remember listening to this while TRYING to play MTBFreeride, falling off the bike trails. I couldn't help but be a big mess. It still feels unreal.

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Holy crap, crying like a little baby. Miss you so much!

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Like several others, I have tried to distance myself from this for a while. Today, I decided I was finally ready to listen. I am glad I did. The guys handled it way more gracefully than I ever could, and I wholeheartedly believe Ryan would say it's perfect. Thank you for sharing your experiences - including everyone who commented here.

I wish I had more of an opportunity to appreciate Ryan before he passed. I feel like I missed out on something beautiful, only now working backwards through all the old Bombcasts and Quick Looks and content that existed before I came to be a regular member.

But, also, it is nice to know that he will never be forgotten and there will be new fans emerging, like myself, who will come to love and miss Ryan, too.

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Felt like I needed a re-listen. Thanks Ryan Davis.

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Posted by Nzwei

Gonna give it a listen again... because sad.

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That image is still just so haunting. Gonna give this another listen in memory of the big guy.

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Man, I remember this being really hard for me to listen to, a year ago. I'm sure it'll still be really weird listening to it again.

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@nzwei said:

Gonna give it a listen again... because sad.

Yeah, I had to come back. I need to hear someone talk about him again.

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@xeirus said:

@nzwei said:

Gonna give it a listen again... because sad.

Yeah, I had to come back. I need to hear someone talk about him again.

Also came back for the same reason. Man, a year on and it still hurts.

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Ryan, how are you just gone... I fucking hurt... Miss you dude.

Posted by SquareTheRoot

Miss you, now and always Ryan.

Posted by xtian0104

Man, i miss Ryan Davis :S