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Thanks for doing this guys. It means a lot to us.

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Oh man, here we go.

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Love you Ryan Davis.

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Nice to have Alex and Patrick. Also to have the guys still trying to keep it light is nice to hear. Love you guys.

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Thanks for this

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Thank you all for doing this, and for keeping on. Rest in peace, Ryan. You're in a better place now.

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I love you guys. <> Godspeed

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I was about to go to bed, but I slept like crap last night and I need a bit of this right now.

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Oh man I don't know if I can listen to this one.

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"Nothing stops the bombcast!"

Going to miss you, Ryan.

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The king is gone, but not forgotten

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This is going to be tough to listen to, but I'm going to do it. Hell my eyes are getting watery just looking at that pic of the TNT set with Ryan's chair sitting there empty in the spotlight.

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Only found my way to Giant Bomb around a year ago, but I've loved every second of it. Ryan was a big part of something that made me happy and he clearly made everyone around him feel the love too. He will be missed. Thoughts and prayers with those who knew him.

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Love ya, Ryan.

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I promised myself tears of laugher only.

Here we go.

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I haven't even listened to this yet and I'm already breaking down.

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Goddamn love you guys. Warriors through and through. Thank you so much.

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Thank you

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I know this is going to absolutely wreck me. Thanks for everything, Ryan.

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I was wondering when the tears would come...

RIP Ryan. The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long.

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I think you guys did the right thing by putting this up but I don't know if I'm ready for it. I want to give you all a big hug.

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Oh man, that picture. RIP Ryan. <>

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It won't ever quite be the same again, but RIP Ryan.

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@astroid2 said:

Love you Ryan Davis.

Word, man. Word.

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uhg this is gonna hurt. R.I.P Ryan

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infinite respect for the guys that they were ALL able to do the podcast.

thats a feat of pure will.

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thank you all, and love you all.

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Despite only having listened for a year, I've felt myself fall in love with the entire Bomb Squad, Ryan most of all. Even listening to last week's podcast, I thought "It'll be great to have Ryan back and bringing the energy." Tuesdays will never be the same.

Happy trails, duder.

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Jeff you're so mean, haha.

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I not ashamed to say that I love all of you guys. Thank you for all that you do.

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I just want you guys to know that we all admire the strength it took to do this. We love you guys.

Yes that!

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Oh holy shit man, how nice it was to hear the guys start laughing only a couple minutes in.

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Here we go

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WTF, I have the hugest lump in my throat, Miss you Ryan and never knew you.....

Thanks for doing this guys

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I went all of today without crying, but then I saw that picture....

I'm going to need a few minutes.

RIP Ryan Davis. Love ya, man.

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Starting with laughter. Thank you for everything guys!

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Thank God they're able to laugh and joke right at the top or I wouldn't have been able to take this.

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Already crying.

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My body is not ready. :(

RIP Ryan

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Thanks fellas

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<> forever

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Said goodnight to my family. Locking myself in this room. Gonna weep like a baby.

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Thanks for all the laughs Ryan.

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Nevermind my sadness, this is already hilarious. I was thinking this was going to be how the podcast went, but wasn't sure. Good humor is the fucking best way to cope.

Keep on being hilarious guys. Ryan would probably be pissed if you did anything else.

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Nothing stops the Bombcast.

Rest in peace Ryan, thanks for all the laughs and entertainment over the years.

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On a lighter note, this is the most people on a giant bombast ever :)

You guys are Fucking Heroes!.