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tuesday tuesday tuesday

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Samantha on the Bombcast, hell yeah!

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...Jeffless cast?

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I love that Brad is taking a larger leadership role on GB.

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This is all very exciting.

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Long live the Bombcast.

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my favorite time of the week

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Lovin the Bradcasts!

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early bomb!

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Oh! Collusion!

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Where's Jeff? Is Jeff... OK?

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No Jeff? No Thank You.

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@grondoth said:

Where's Jeff? Is Jeff... OK?

He was on vacation from Wedensday last week until today, I believe!

And cool to have Samantha on.

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Ok, so Sentris looks pretty fucking cool.

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Potential talk about The Waluigi? I guess Dan's comfortable enough to share that part of him with the community now.

There's no turning back?!

Edit: Wait a minute, I remember the ingredients being way stupider. That doesn't sound too bad.!

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What an uninteresting sounding episode. We'll see I guess...

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Nintendo 64 talk? YESSSSSSSSSS

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Always interested in hearing from new folks, but Samantha definitely won me over by dropping that Attitude Era knowledge.

EDIT: lol the salt in this comments section from people who just HAVE to tell everyone they aren't listening this week, you people are hilarious

EDIT2: This food talk is so good. Gotta be honest, I was a lot like Dan for much of my life. It's only recently that I forced myself to be more adventurous and try new stuff. If I discover time travel, I'm going to kick young me in the ass and make him try more food.

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Yay Sam. I know that gal in person. She's pretty rad. It's sort of surreal hearing on one of my favorite podcasts, but also totally awesome. If you haven't checked out Sentris yet then you should. It's equally rad.

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It's TUESDAY! Also, where are my 4 hour death march Bombcasts? I wanna hear people get older during them dammit!

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I really don't want to hear the words "microbial science" and "palate" in the same sentence...

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Samantha on the Bombcast, hell yeah!

Fill me in on who this is please? Whats the canon?

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Oh man people are gonna get so mad at this bombcast

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The terrible translation of Harvest Moon 64 is a huge part of its charm!!

The other part is bugs.

Played the hell out of this with my little brother.

Family joke was that the game was localized, QAed, and marketed by the only two employees of Natsume, "Nat and Sume." Rinky dink :D

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Oh good. I always enjoy when game makers appear on the Bombcast.

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Such a lie no one likes Ouya games.

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Guests occasionally are fine, like one every few years, but they need to keep a steady cast.

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@grondoth: They already are. Holy crap people...

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Nothing like the smell of a fresh new bombcast on a Tuesday.

And a Brad hosted cast at that!

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@skytylz: They are, of course. The Bombcast has always had occasional guests.

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Really wish they had Danny on this too. I really wish GB just hired Danny TBH. Samantha seems cool. Nice to have a woman on the GB cast, interesting perspective.

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Great to hear Samantha on the Bradcast. Also you guys need to teach Dan Gang Beasts ASAP.

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Dan makin' the Rocket: Robot on Wheels callback.

God, what a weird, clunky game that was.