Posted by CleverLoginName

Inaugural bombcast!

Posted by Peacemaker

Woo, can't wait to give a listen.

Posted by Freek

The intro was great :)

Posted by DanCarmichael

Looking good, congrats again on launch.

Posted by whackmypinata

Yes! Finally. ;P

Posted by AndrewGaspar

You better explain the submission situation. ;-P

Posted by warxsnake


Posted by SeeDsTOHR

Great Bombcast again!

Posted by Orgazmorater

10th comment!

Posted by Guild_Master

Ready to listen to the submission part

Posted by PLWolf

Awesome sauce!! Downloading now.....Oh Wait...

Posted by nakratz

This is sweat Good Bombcast.

Posted by faustyn

downloading! awesome!

Posted by RHCPfan24

Yeah! Its up!

Posted by Brainkiller

Wont let me download D:

Posted by MattBodega

20000 submissions!?! WE ARE AWESOME!!!
And you guys are pretty good too :P.

Posted by faustyn

Oh. I'm in the picture! that's so awesome! : D

Posted by dozerking

hmm...the download button doesn't work .... ??

Posted by JonDavis

Epic win.

Posted by Philanthropy


Posted by banksrob

woot great job guys

Posted by MrBojangles

how are you guys gonna check all of these submissions... god...

Posted by FluxCapacitor

The 'RSS, Download, and ITunes' buttons are not clickable for me. Also, the audio streamer used in past bombcasts doesn't appear at all.

Posted by DirrtyNinja

Vinny is a legend!!!!!!!

Posted by Kowalski

Really nice Bombcast page !
The podcast is undownloadble :(

Posted by Dr_Feelgood38

Yes! Listening now!

Posted by xanavi


For the people unable to download, try this link. I got it off the RSS for the bombcast.

Posted by Kowalski

Also all my submissions are pending. 24hours my fanny.

Posted by Kowalski
xanavI: thanks. that worked!
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Posted by Fade2Gray

Thanks Xanavia!

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Posted by Kowalski

AWESOME introduction to the shoW!!! :D

Posted by Synchronatic

I was wondering why I had 40 something unapproved submissions :P Good to know you guys are working on that. The site is great BTW.

Posted by Ghil

Awesome! ;)

Posted by L

So, that' why mine are still on 'Pending.' ;)

Posted by Orgazmorater

im lovin the background on the page.

Posted by MagusMaleficus

Doing my part to drown you guys in submissions!

Posted by MasturbatingBear

Best bombcast ever!

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Posted by Paradigmer

Short but great podcast!

Posted by John

Posted by JackiJinx

Oh Geebus, guys. The adventure sounds wonderous!

Posted by hazelnutman

I'm doing my best to bother you guys with a ton of submissions =D

Posted by Plan6

Submission from the Sky!

Posted by Lifeonmars

Holy crap, great opening. :D

Posted by Mjolnir

Belated Happy Birthday, Brad!  Ryan, I was also sleeping when the site launched. I will never forgive myself.

Posted by JackiJinx

Thank goodness you guys went with a dark version first; my head can literally only stand lighter pages for so long until my migraines kick in.

Posted by Legend

Great podcast as always. Good luck going through all these submissions, guys.
P.S: Xanavi thanks for the link

Posted by Charles

I look forward to this every week....