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Posted by bboymaestro

Don't tease me Gerstmann. The return of Nintendo Downloads would send me to heaven and back.

Posted by Supa_Kappa

@jibidis: It is a well documented fact that Brad's voice goes up half an octave when he is not in his sleepy Brad guise.

Posted by ShadzKing

3 hours and 40 minutes?!


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What kind of crazy world does Dan live in where bars have bingo? bars are touchmaster games, jukeboxes, sporting events, karaoke, pool, and trivia nights.

Edit: oh it was a Moose club..that explains it..

Posted by cocowawa

i like dan.....he can stay!

Posted by Three0neFive

Can't wait to hear Brad's thoughts in TI4, the finals were a letdown but there were some really fucking crazy matches this year.

Posted by Fobwashed
Posted by Lanechanger

First official Bradcast being 3.5 hours long, this is a golden era!

Posted by ripelivejam

@cocowawa said:

i like dan.....he can stay!

i heard he's the man

DJ "Dan" The Man Rikert

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Posted by Familyguy1

Woah. 3.5 hours! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Pudge

@xite said:

I missed the Nintendownload X-Press so much.

Wha... Whaaa


Posted by Fram

Brad has assumed his final form.

Posted by Rejizzle

Every cast a Bradcast. Double Lava Lamps, more poop e-mails, Jeff is still there... All good things.

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It's official, Dan has no taste in movies. Entertaining guy though, good thing they don't pay him to review movies. >.<

Also Jeff is right, THE Terminator is a damned fine film. Where as T2 was a fun action movie to eat popcorn to while listening to a podcast and working on an illustration. Or whatever you guys do.

Posted by Hadoken101

I was with Dan when he said Terminator 3 was alright, but he is a fucking madman to say T3 is better than T1.

Posted by Xanadu

I'm really disappointed Youtube doesn't have the clip from Star Trek 2009 when Kirk takes the captains seat from Spac. That's the first image that popped into my head.

Posted by Aegon

This Terminator conversation is amazing.

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I'm with Dan on T2 being the best of the bunch and one of the best movies ever. Don't agree that T3 is better than T1 though. It had it's moments but I would much rather watch the first.

I watched T2 a lot as a little kid. It was so cool and filled with cursing. Arnold riding around on that motorcycle and slinging the shotgun around was and still is one of the coolest things.

Posted by Spitznock

Looking forward to skipping through the lengthy moba discussion.

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NOTHING IS WRONG WITH THE TERMINATOR. Jeff is right. Love Terminator 2, but all his points were rock solid.

Edit: And Terminator 3 sucks. Jesus, Dan.

Posted by monkeystick

I look forward to more emails about shit and poop.

Posted by NeoCalypso

YES! the glorious return of the 3+ hour podcast.

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Finally I agree with jeff! T1>T2>T3>T4. Dan is just a silly person.

Posted by Javon66

I'm having problems with the podcast on android anyone have alternative download links?

Posted by Draxyle

Woah, I wonder what prompted host change. Brad did a great job the last couple times, but I hope all is well with Jeff.

Posted by forteexe21

Spiritual successor of the Game Room and the return of NDX?! You spoil us too much! Next will be an Endurance RUUUUUNNNN!!!!

Posted by rachelepithet

Timestamps to skip all Dota talk?

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Terminator 2 is one of the greatest action movies of all time, but the original deserves its spot as best of the series. It nails its atmosphere perfectly. It's even got a nightclub called TechNoir for crying out loud.

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Also, I just realized the Snowpiercer movie setup is similar to the video game Transarctica. Mind blown.

Posted by superkidsid

I actually forgot dan is part of gb at the beginning. Thought it was a 3 man show...and then dan, OH YEAH dan!

Posted by DookieRope

Long live the Giant Bradcast!

Posted by sinthe

@draxyle: i think brad just really liked being host/ wants practice at being a host.

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Snowpiercer is INCREDIBLY overrated. Hearing some critics throw the term 'masterpiece' around makes me want to scream. The plot and social commentary is completely absurd.

Also, using 100% of your brain is called Epilepsy.

Posted by hollitz

We have Keno in Nebraska bars, which is basically Bingo.

Posted by Fram

@aegon said:

This Terminator conversation is amazing.


Posted by Johnked6

For Firefall you need to explore the thumping mechanic. Equip your scan hammer and scan the land for an area rich in resources, then call down your thumper and defend it.

It's a good way to gather resources for crafting and an alternate way to gain experience.

Posted by Shinoadr

ohhhhhhhh yeaahhhhhhhhhhhh

Posted by ichthy

There are so many movie opinions there I don't agree with.

Posted by BaconGames

Soon after Brad did a fantastic job last time around, I secretly hoped he would follow through and officially become the host. So happy to hear that it's actually happening.

All hail #TEAMBRAD!

Posted by Springfart

aww yiss

Posted by AMyggen

@xite said:

Terminator 2 is one of the greatest action movies of all time, but the original deserves its spot as best of the series. It nails its atmosphere perfectly. It's even got a nightclub called TechNoir for crying out loud.

For me, the first Terminator has aged terribly. I really liked it at the time, but seeing it a year ago...I didn't like it at all.

The last two Terminator films were pretty entertaining, but not good movies by any stretch of the imagination.

Posted by DTS

Wow. Giant Bomb is so good right now.

Posted by sub_o

Oh Em Geese Howard. I hope that some crazy people would come back and write the Nintendo eShop games' flavour texts again.

Posted by SJQPersonal

Bring back Nintendocast!

Posted by 2HeadedNinja

I love how there are "a few places to tighten up the show" and yet the podcast is 3.5 hours long ^^

Posted by metalliccookies

Brad being the new host? Cool :D good luck Brad, hope you hit it out of the park :D

Posted by riddles

bradcast \o/

Posted by Aegon

Dan and the egg white story...what the...how does Dan exist...as a person? HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Posted by sub_o

Did Dan just mistake egg shell as egg white? When he was friggin 24 years old?

Oh Em Guerilla Warriors.

@drewbert An expertly cooked anything can be good. I could eat an expertly cooked TV remote control.