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Posted by KentonClay

Dan is SUPER WRONG about Terminator.

Dan is SUPER RIGHT about Mario.

Posted by Knite

How is Dan able to exist?!

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Posted by DayOneAdvantage

New guy thinks Terminator 2 is his all time favorite movie. I like the new guy.

Posted by Deckard42

Wow, almost four hour podcast. I love it.

Posted by JasonR86


Yeah Dude! Fucking Yeah F-Zero GX is great!

Posted by Efesell

You've a courier of gold Brad, don't let anyone take it from ya.

Posted by JordanaRama


put it in my ears right this second.

Posted by paulunga

@danryckert: I don't know this Joe Juba person, but is he also a porn star and/or pro wrestler?

Posted by MonkfishEsq

Dan how are you still alive

Posted by dkraytsberg

this bombcast was great!

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@numberthirtyone said:

I'm still baffled by people who say Dota is so hard to get into. It's a tower defense game. Get out there and hit creeps, use your abilities, and try not to die. Yes it's deep and will take hundreds of hours to be good and thousands to master. So what? You can still play on day one. If flaming bothers you, you can A, get over it - it's not a big deal, or B, mute them. Once you get hooked, and if it's your type of game you'll get hooked sooner than you think, then the learning curve becomes nothing because you're having fun learning and you're actually glad there's so much more to know.

This has been what I always thought, as someone who will likely never try to get into it. I know it's a lot different and maybe more "casual," but I opened up Super Monday Night Combat and was MVP consistently after only a couple hours of practice. Sure, if you wanna get scarily-good, it'll take awhile, but for something of that size there are always going to be plenty of players who match your skill level if you wanna just get in and play.

Posted by nccows

As much as I love Jeff, I think his character and sense of humor works a lot better when someone else is hosting. Love the new era of the Giant Bradcast!

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Dan is right about Sunshine being a good game.

Too many people shit on it for no reason.

Posted by rabbithearted

I feel like Dan is about to be fired over Terminator 2 :P

Posted by Elwoodan

I mean, I've been playing firefall for 3 years as of this month, but whatever :p

Edited by Mr. Kamikaze

the Terminator show at Universal is awful now. Not at all as cool as it was when I was a kid.

I live like 15 minutes away from Universal, my mom works part time there so she gets a set number of free passes every few months or so. So, I have been there so many times.

Posted by hermes

Thanks Dan. For years I have been embarrassed of my inability to cook.

It is good to know there are people out there that are more clueless than me...

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@milkman said:

That egg white story was truly a life changing experience.

It's not good for a guy was young as Dan was to have high cholesterol. Also, plenty of eggs have brown shells.

Edited by ripelivejam

ending of T3 made it worth it.

at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, Salvation was utter dogshit.

Posted by revel

I do not want to listen to Drew talk about Snowpiercer.

Posted by Fluttercry

@fox318 said:

Dan is right about Sunshine being a good game.

Too many people shit on it for no reason.

So much this. I feel like there's just a culture of hating things like that and Spiderman 3 without actually explaining why they are bad.

Posted by Amafi

Dan is SUPER WRONG about Terminator.

Dan is SUPER RIGHT about Mario.

Yep. The Mario stuff doesn't make up for the terminator stuff though. Dan's end of that whole conversation is the single craziest collection of words I've ever heard come out of a person.

Edited by FoxMulder

Dan's opinions on things pretty much ended once he uttered the words "Terminator 3 is better than 1"

Edited by MikaelBoogart

One of my colleagues at work does not cook either. It baffles me. Every day for lunch he goes to the subway and orders a very standard and very basic turkey sandwich. I say to him, i say, "Doesn't that get really expensive buying lunch every day?"

"Yes," he says

So i ask why can he not perhaps purchase the requisite supplies from grocery store to construct a probably much higher quality turkey sandwich for a much lower price and bring it in to work?

"I don't cook," he says.

I don't... I cannot comprehend this. Halp. >_<

Edited by Brendan

@fluttercry: I won't try to be an arbiter of taste but there were plenty of obvious reasons why I didn't like Spiderman 3. Too many new characters without proper dramatic due made the movie feel both rushed and overlong at the same time. Certain character elements (emo Parker) were corny in a way that wasn't entertaining, and the resolution to Harry Osborn's optional arc was very lamely wrapped up with a two second cameo from his butler. It wasn't a complete train wreck but it didn't have a strong vision that translated on screen and was mediocre as a result.

Posted by Fluttercry

@brendan: Yeah I never said it was good. It was pretty bland, but for some reason people act like it was the worst movie ever. Then again, internet...

Edited by Red_Piano

I fully agree with Jeff, Terminator 1 is the superior Terminator, even the practical effects in T1 are somehow BETTER than T2!

Edited by sub_o

@milkman said:

That egg white story was truly a life changing experience.

It's not good for a guy was young as Dan was to have high cholesterol. Also, plenty of eggs have brown shells.

You can hear Brad's genuine "what?!" when Dan talked about egg white, and tea.

Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

Fuck yeah, a long one!

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy


Posted by duke_of_the_bump

When I was a kid, I mixed up hardboiled and softboiled eggs. I thought hardboiled eggs were ones where the shell was still hard, and you had to crack them to eat the eggs; I thought softboiled eggs were boiled long enough to turn the shell soft. So I can kind of see where Dan was coming from.

The main difference being I thought this when I was a kid.

Posted by btakasper

Crap...Thanks duders, now im playing bingo instead of getting work done. There goes my deadline ...and paycheck

Posted by Naoiko

Woohoo go Brad! Awesome Bombcast guys!

Posted by Mezmero

You know I was among the people who said Brad was doing a good job hosting but if we get any more extended Dota talks I'm going to take a power drill to my eardrums. It's not just the International which is obviously interesting to hear about, but it's the platitudes on that game and its mechanics that I feel get touched on over and over whenever Brad talks about it. Hopefully he got it out of his system for the time being. It also probably doesn't help that Dan was egging him on though to be fair he's new to seeing this level of Dota related affliction. Other than that good hosting Brad.

Drew's reaction to wrestling references made me so happy. Drew's reactions in general have gotten really great in recent months. Still really digging what Dan brings to the bombcast. I may not always agree with his taste in movies, food, or wrestlers but he's a delight to listen to. I never get tired of hearing Jeff talk about 80's cartoons. It's one of those rare moments of assurance that his inner child is alive and well. Please let Jeff pick the e-mails. Brad's too indecisive to be in charge of such a sacred duty. I said duty... Thanks as always for the podcast.

Posted by TheBluthCompany

It's good to know that Jeff has the proper opinion of Robocop 2.

Posted by TheKing

I thought the Xbox Rocky commercial was awesome. Why is Jeff complaining about Microsoft boasting about DLC exclusives? This has been going on forever, shit if I wasn't I didn't follow games I would assume Destiny was a PS4 exclusive based on the ads and coverage.

Posted by Smallville123

Damn this a long Bombcast. And...here....we...GO.....

Posted by Corvak

Drew needs to tangent into F1 more, take back some ground from Dota/Wrestling.

Posted by MeatSim

A thousand years of Bradcast.

Also run for you lives!, because Terminator 1 could really happen!

Edited by Tesla

It's pretty hilarious to have a ton of fun with the Destiny beta, then listen to the boring ass downer of a conversation in this podcast. So glad I don't have that jaded game journalist mentality.

Also, bumper jumper is by far the best Halo control scheme for exactly the reason Drew states. Keeps those thumbs on the sticks so you can aim while jumping.

Posted by JayEH

Cool didn't know we were getting two Dragon Age games this year. Hopefully I can finish Inquisition before Insurrection comes out.

Posted by Cagliostro88

I really really need a premium show where Dan is fed various foods and beverages, and after that he gets to cook something new to him and the others have to eat it

Posted by MichiganJack

I'm sorry @DanRyckert, although I do agree T2 is a better movie than T1 (not by much though), but for all that is holy T3 doesn't even hold Gillberg's jock strap.

Posted by officer_falcon

Wow, a long one this week. My browser's player actually crashed partway through.

Posted by MichiganJack
Edited by singing_pigs

I watched Terminator and Terminator 2 for the first time in the mid-2000's when I was in college, so I have no nostalgia about it whatsoever.

Terminator 2 was great.

Terminator was a slow, boring, pointless slog.

Fight me.

Posted by chilibean_3

Damn it, Brad. That's the second podcast I've had to shut of in a panic during the final e-mail. No. No, Brad. Gross.

Posted by NDN_Shadow

Man how can Dan be so ignorant. Maybe it's cuz I've heard Brad talk about Dota so many times but didn't realize Dan was so clueless as to what League of Legends and Dota are.

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