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Yet another commute improves with a surprising earlyCast.

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Only G1.

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I am watching the GI Joe movie RIGHT NOW

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@fallen189: Every time I try to watch it I miss half the battle. ;)

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@lando81 That seemed unnecessarily angsty. If you like hearing about Dota then wouldn't a Dotacast be great? Win win.

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Does Jeff not know how to put in the new theme or does he just not care ?

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fuck dota.

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Man you always know it's a Jeff Bombcast cuz he never uses the new intro music .

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For people that don't know: Jeff does not have access to the new intro music. Ryan did. So until they figure out how to access that stuff, we get to listen to cool new stuff every week.

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No offense to the people who like to hear about DOTA 2 but I think some are getting a bit tired of it including myself but seeing as a) there has been nothing out over the past month or so for them to talk about & b) it is pretty much what Brad plays nowadays and little else, it is here to stay for the time being!

A DOTAcast for those that are interested in DOTA 2 etc would be good if you want to get real specific with terms and that. Oh better yet, what happened to the Daily DOTA?

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3 hours and 40 minutes?! Holy shit!

You guys are awesome!

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dota 2. great. i love hearing about that game.

oh wait. no i fucking dont.

There is already a dedicated daily dota FFS!

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@authenticm: It's important to realise that in a work environment, sometimes you don't have everything set up in such a way that anybody can pick up a job and run with it. It's rare, actually.

Having a shared list of passwords, audio files, mixer settings, etc. would be terrific. But in a small office environment that often doesn't happen, procedural documents don't get written, and the proof is in every podcast that Ryan didn't produce. Jeff didn't maintain the audio files, the email account password, or what have you. It always waited for Ryan to come back. I am sure Jeff will sort it all out, but please have some respect that when you are sifting through "your friend's things" it's a challenge.

In hindsight it's smart to prepare, but so are a million other things that people also don't plan for. Does anyone in your life know how to retrieve important information from your computers and email accounts? Here's how difficult posthumous access is with Gmail. My computer login and 1Password are in my family's safety deposit box, but even that box is nearly impossible to access if none of us are still around.

Chill, folks. This is harder than when someone just leaves a company.

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I was just thinking "Man I wish there was a new bombcast".. And there it was.

Thank you based Gerstmann.

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I like this opening music best.

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Heyyyyyyyyyyy everyone it's Tuuuuuuuuuuesdayyyyyy!!!!!!

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Really digging the throwback intro music. Keep the deep cuts coming broseph.

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A Drew-less bombcast!?!? awww man.

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@ptys said:

I like this opening music best.

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One of my XCom soldiers just got nicknamed Cobra.

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The dudes with the visors that had words on them where the Tele-Vipers. The red lasers were GI Joe and the Cobra had the Blue.

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I think we are going to need to use calculus to start figuring out the content of the the bombcast. Pretty sure the integral of f(BC) as BC approaches the limit of infinity is the area under the bombcast curve and equal to bombcast content.

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Aww yeah dis funky intro

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Ignite red barrels! Ignite everything.

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Sooooooooooooo is it safe to place the blame for super late bombcasts over the years on Ryan?

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This G.I. Joe aircraft carrier is fucking ridiculous. I don't remember it at all.

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Tele Viper

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Jesus on a pogo stick, almost 4 hours?! You guys are troopers.

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Also, the old theme makes me happy.

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Fuck you guys, I like hearing about Dota.

Go fuck yourself. Me too.

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I now play DOTA because of you. Only the bots know how bad I still am at it.

DOTA + Bombcast + a drink. I really should be doing something else with my life.

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@darro: there was a little hiccup in their daily operations. There was a memo

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Woah, easy, fellas. The Bombcast is about whatever the crew has been playing. If someone in there plays Dota, then it goes in the podcast.

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Enough god damn dota talk, Brad is seriously starting to piss me off its all he ever seems to talk about. I honestly zone out while Brad talks about Dota .

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@godlyawesomeguy said:

Fuck you guys, I like hearing about Dota.

Go fuck yourself. Me too.

You guys make me fucking sick. I third the motion.

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The Bombcast is like a recipe: It's missing a cherished ingredient, but even so, it is still mighty tasty.

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not only do i miss ryan, but one podcast without drew and i already miss him!

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Wow man this G.I. Joe talk holy fuck. I'm so affirmed in so many ways I thought torturing all my action figures in really dumb ways was just something I did but apparently it was a universal thing with just about every 10yr old boy who played with action figures.

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3 and a half hours.

dope son.

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You guys are Frackin heroes. Just saying.

Never leave a cast behind.

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@patman99 said:

@mariachimacabre said:

@godlyawesomeguy said:

Fuck you guys, I like hearing about Dota.

Go fuck yourself. Me too.

You guys make me fucking sick. I third the motion.