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Sweet deal.

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yo yo!

Chicken 'n Bizzies for all!

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Brad's Back!

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It's up at lassssst

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Just when I thought I had hacked my way to the new bomcast by altering the last one's URL, you guys ruin my cleverness by actually posting it. :(

Anyway, yay - a new bombcast!
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Alright, it's Bombcast time!

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new bombcast!!!

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Fuck yeah, new bombcast!

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Bombcast Time!!

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Yes.... finally!

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there we go baby!  something to listen to while hounding the stock market!

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Bombcast! Now my life is complete!

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Look forward to listening to it tomorrow at work

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Here we go!!

Ok now we need to stop talking about Borderlands, i want to game so bad, i cannot be more excited about Borderlands than right now. And we still have 2,3 months to wait? *sigh*

Also, i want to win a dinner with Vinny, and he has to wear the NVGs the whole time.

And also, my question did not pass the Davis Barrier this week again. It was a good one though but apparantly they just like to go with pointless questions. *sigh*

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hooray, now i just need to control myself and save it for the commute tomorrow

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Let's bombcast!

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mmmmm..... Bojangles

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Giantuuuu Bombcastuuuuuuuu!!!!   </excited engrish>

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Playing death tank gets you a MW2 achievement? sold
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holy crap you post shit on here fast. I had been refreshing this page for an hour.

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It is not July 20:th guys. Anyway - BOOOOOMBCAAAST!!!!

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Fried okra is so damn good.

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It's Bombcast Time! Let's do this!

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the bomb has landed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's pronounced "Sidhe", why discuss that?

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It's Bombcast, baby.

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Yay.. :3

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For people who think reference humor isn't funny you sure use a lot of it.

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yum bojangles sounds good right now!!!!!!

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@Crazyhumphrey said:
" yum bojangles sounds good right now!!!!!! "
Bojangles is 10 gallons of awesome in a 5 gallon jug. It amuses me to hear people praise crap like Popeyes; I just shake my head resignedly.
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fighting games = ZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz

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Mary Brown's has the best Chicken n' Biscuits bar none. 

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@SatelliteOfLove: i hear ya the west coast dosent know anything about fried chicken till they "put some south in there mouth" which is bojangles
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Shatter`s sequel is gonna be named splatter when the sucking and blowing comes to an end to a climax         ( that game is dirty,dirty)

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Watching the Bombcast and installing Mass Effect to my hard drive...hoo rah!

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Okra is indeed horrible, and I like vegetables The taste, the texture, the seeds, all garbage..

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Yes they eat Popeye's chicken in Louisiana.  

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Fable + Halo = Fablo

I almost died.

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I had a Zagnut recently, they are delicious. It is like Butterfinger w/o the chocolate outer coating and superior in my opinion.

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yes finally