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Posted by Xelloss

Downloading now can't wait to listen :D

Posted by TrickStyle

Finally. Listening to it now

Posted by Carlos

Thanks for this <3

Posted by Legend

The bombcast is here.

Posted by lordofultima


Posted by Vandal

Yay! Saw Jeff was online and boom new bomcast. Sites shaping up well guys, keep up the good work.

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

Tuning in now.

The thong guarantees greatness.

Posted by SeeDsTOHR

Brilliant as always

Posted by GalvanizedNails

how long is this 1?

Posted by John

Gah, finally I have something to listen to while I jog tomorow. Many thanks!

Posted by Kevin

I'm still not sure how to feel about MKvDCU, but so far I have my hopes up.

But it seemed like Flash is kinda overpowered. :\

Posted by Guild_Master

Tuning in.

Posted by Dig_Douglas_III

Tuesday is the new Friday!

Posted by elektrixx

Thanks guys. You dudes just keep on moderating your arses off over there.

Posted by Gregomasta

damnit...not first.

Posted by MrMiyagi

Awesome. Downloading now.

Posted by SM5240

Kick ass, listening now.

Posted by SM5240

Kick ass, listening now.

Posted by Abomstar

Killre. Listening... NOW.

Posted by MasterSplinter

Bombcast.. Woot!

Posted by Ilias13

Yay, stay awake folks :P

Posted by fresh2deafbill

why does it say march 27th on the front page?

Posted by John1912

Why doesnt this work with IE, the play button never shows up.

Posted by ez123

March 27th, am I missing something?

Posted by Seedofpower

Don't get me sick, brad.

Posted by Seedofpower

Don't get me sick, brad.

Posted by Foxdemon2k

Good Bombcast tonight, cheers.

Posted by Gregomasta


is the big ape, Vinny; He's the flash's arch nemesis.

Posted by mrfluke

giiiiiiiiiiiiiiiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnttttttttttttttt bbbbbbbbbbbooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmbbbbbbbb

Posted by CitizenKane

Too bad I will have to wait until tomorrow to listen to this podcast.  Keep up the great work, guys!

Posted by Vinchenzo

Love it!

Posted by Jonathan

I could not love this podcast more.

Posted by Raven_Sword

Glad they got the tabs working.

Posted by Wafflecake

Good show.
It is sad that there are gonna be people that don't know what an arcade cabinet is D:

Posted by ThomasP

I loved the comic book talk. I think I'll post a blog about Scot Pilgrim, a comic series that parodies gaming.

Posted by AttackedCamo

Downloaded and listening now.

Posted by Mrnitropb

Claymation freaks me the hell out.

Posted by Nanopunk

If not thongs, what about Giant Bomb boy leg briefs for girls?
I'm a girl and that sounds perfect attire for some gaming. I'd buy 7!

Posted by NateDogg

Sweet.. Will listen to Bombcast at work tomorrow.

Posted by ArclightBorealis

I just LOL'd at the whole sword thing at like, 50 minutes into the bombcast.

Great podcast, guys.

Posted by deathdisco89

Over 2 days to get a new game added, definitely not "pressing buttons" any more are you.

Posted by Milkman

Just so you guys know, the front page link says March 27th edition. So, yeah, you know, fix that.

Posted by Mrnitropb

Want a giantbomb briefcase.
Or lunch box.

Posted by TheHBK

Ahhhh, Marvel vs Capcom better come!  It was just the right amount of crazy and flashing.  I could keep up, it is fast paced and made for great parties.

Posted by PEN15

So wait... you guys aren't going to curse anymore on the podcast?

Posted by TOYBOXX
Wait what? March 27th?
Posted by kallistos

Nice podcast, very honest :)

Posted by DappaDizzle

ahh my my weekly fix is here

Posted by xplodedd

yay... gb dc.

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

Woo! New Bombcast!

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