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Weekly bombing!

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Ryan You Are Totally my man Crush

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Now it's up I can go to bed!

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Finally thanks!

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Thank you guys!!

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Alright!  Two hours of awesome...

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Finally my Tuesday night is complete.

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Alright, this should last until Braid is released this morning!  Wohoo!

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Straight from the bomb shelter!

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Wooo Bombcast time!

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thanks can't wait to listen!

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A new podcast..for me?! Thanks guys. :)

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Drink milk!

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Sweet sauce, bombcast!

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MIlk is amazing, it goes with everything. All you naysayers don't know what you're missing!

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I'm with Jeff. Real milk is win. And Conker pee'd in his game, that was pretty funny. Maybe it was because he was drunk, though.

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It's up! I'm downloading it right now.

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Hate on those fake boobs all you want, but if I could sleep on Ivy's rack like a pillow, I would be a happy man!

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cereal and milk page = giant bombs`secret new project :)

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I haven't even begun listening to this yet, but it just screams best Bombcast ever.

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Drink MORE MILK!!!!! lol good stuff

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Now that's more like the length that a bombcast should be! Thanks Guys.

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Best Bombcast EVA

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15 minutes in,
still drinking crap
more games

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Hatin' on Ivy's tits, eh? You dudes do have dicks, right?

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I'm tired of these people dissing SoulCalibur....It owns the hell out of Mortal Kombat.

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2 hours long! W00t!

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Drinks Have returned!

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Awesome, I've never been so entertained about the subject of milk.

Oh and guys, there's a glitch to put boost on a none boost car in Burnout. :D

Go online with a friend, and go to a garage and select the a car that has boost. Now select the none boost car you want, and have your friend start a Road Rage challenge before the car loads. (You know where it comes down and hits the ground).

It's really sweet!

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About the SC4 Boob thing...
Harden up guys... seriously... harden up... Its still soulcalibur and plays like soul calibur, besides the starwars characters the game is great. Get over it....

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Man, that call at the end was creepy....

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Badass Ending.

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Nice reference of Red Eye on Fox News.  Best show (OK, nearly) on TV.  Red Eye has a great way of mocking silly news including Fat Princess' internet, feminism responses.  People should really give Fox News a chance, agree or disagree.  It's a nice escape from the drones that pose themselves on other news networks as unbiased.

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you so needed a c-c-c-combo breakerrrrrr soundbyte at the end there. seriously.

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Oh man that rap at the end was disturbing... 

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Disturbing ending. Seriously scurry.

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wow, wasnt expecting it to be 2+hours of discussion, good job guys, though you do go off topic and get distracted alot.

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Hemp-milk fan-site. For the win.

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Jeff didn't like Ico?

Kind of shocking, you just lost a few points in my standing man. Ico was mind blowing.

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Time to get bombed of 2 hours of awesome.