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bradcast 4 life!

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Always great to see John Drake on the site.

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Brad says "like" a lot.

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Newly minted Sony man John T DrWHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Well, well, well...look who the cat drag in! It's Drake time baby. Crack open the Diet Cokes y'all.

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Game respect game

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I already liked Dan, but for some reason I like him even more after watching Fargo.

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CoBrad Corp. vs G.I. Jeff

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When I was little I had a pog maker for the sickest custom pog you ever did see.

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Is Pinwheel Party going to be released on current consoles?

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Sometimes late at night I stare into the stars and say, "What if?... Lord, what if John Drake had decided to slum it for a while, and he had been the new hire?" Then go to sleep and dream pleasant dreams.

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Get it trending.

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I love John 'Tiberian Sun' Drake.

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This episode is crazy in all the right ways.

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my god, dan is on fucking fire and i'm only 20 minutes in!

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Drake calling out Dan's madness was cathartic as fuck.

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holy hell, where does drake get all his energy?

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Always great to have John Drake on. I hope we will be seeing him on the site semi-regularly now that he lives in San Francisco.

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Giant Pogcast

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Yes! My work commute tomorrow is gonna be sweeeeeet! All hail John Drake!

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Mystery shoppers basically get paid £10 (plus the cost of the item) to say, go buy a burger at Burger King. It's a thing students often do to get a free lunch/beer/etc. In practice, the handful of times I did it there were some times where I didn't even get paid.

On the other side, it's often very obvious who the mystery shoppers are when you're working in a shop or wherever.

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Those who don't listen to the ad version of the podcast are missing out on some great Brad and Drew comedy.

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That ad though

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Whatever you do, keep listening after the ending jingle.

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@brad: I vaguely remember watching Pinwheel and some show about a mannequin when I was 3 or 4. No one else I talked to ever remembered them.

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This episode is amazing. Good job, gentlemen!

Yo...Dan's final story...

Good lord.

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Every word is true.

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@toots: the thousands of diet cokes he had over the years

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With regard to the last of us movie. Just retell the game... beat for beat, video game movies are the biggest joke in hollywood right now, and a straight retelling will be light years better than any other vg movie out there and go a long way in establishing credibility for video game stories to the general public. I know some people, having already played the game, don't feel the need to see the same story again. But making a different story, at that point its not really even an adaptation of the game anymore. I do get it, book fans don't always want to see their favorite books made into movies, same with comic book movies or even tv show adaptations. But just think of how much more credible comic books became after something like the dark knight came out. As much as the games industry has grown and become accepted, i know several people who still scoff at the idea that a video game can have a great story (much like what people used to say about comic books) maybe this movie can change that conception.

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@mattbodega: I listen to that podcast you and your little friends do; I'm fully aware of what the hell you're capable of, you crazy fucker.

Don't go changin'.

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I don't know how Giant Bomb continues to get ad revenue on these podcasts when their advertisements sound sarcastic as fuck.

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@vitefish: Yeah I couldn't help but think that this podcast as well.

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Someone needs to draw a picture of Dan [podcast spoilers?] opening his door to see that building's roof getting torn off.

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dammit, got my hopes up that this was a kessler bombcast. dont get me wrong, this has been a greatly entertaining one, but...

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Snick was great but Roundhouse was garbage.

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Holy shit, this was the sauciest Bombcast I've (probably) ever heard.

Mad props to Dan Ryckert for being Jose Canseco's bully.

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Dan pretty much made himself legally blind and even though he's a big, dumb-idiot poophead, it's not really his fault. That sounds like a major fuck up on the opthamologist's part. Did they not test his vision with the new glasses on?

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Man, Brad and Dan riffing on Sony stuff was brutal.

I loved it. (sorry Drake)

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Dude, that after outro stinger story was pure gold. Dan Ryckert has THE best stories.

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@johntdrake: He's been dealt with accordingly. Sorry about that Drake! If you ever see something like that in the future, feel free to contact the mods :)

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Dan was in top form this week! That story after the closing jingle, oh man. I want a painting of drunken Dan opening up the door to the apocalypse.

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@forthex said:

Drake calling out Dan's madness was cathartic as fuck.

Fuck that, Dan is the chaotic good wildcard this site needs.

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Anyone played Xibalba on iOS? Really well made FPS controls.

BTW Bioshock is actually not a bad choice for mobiles. Its slower, deliberate.