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Sup Frank P, and Mike K

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I like videogames

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On time cast.

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bombus iactus est

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Yes! I choose the right Tuesday to wait for an Earlycast! Now where is that Dr Pepper?

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that shit cray

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I wet myself.

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Been waiting all night for this man, gotta settle my evening the proper way. Listening to a group of guys who I will probably never meet discuss something I am only lightly interested in with more vignettes and distractions than a fly on a turd.

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I love Jeff's Brad impression. Every time.

also the cake flavored vodka is dangerously good.

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Hmm, is the hashtag a joke or a new way of tracking audience numbers? Not objecting to it just curious.

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How to podcasts work? You can't explain that!

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I was gonna do something productive tonight, then bombcast happened.

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Hopefully Ryan has a beverage nearby this week to sound less raspy that bothered me much last week

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Not for city boys

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3 more hours of bombcast goodness!

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"Brad Shoemaker" huh? Sounds like a winning podcast to me.

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7:30 in and Jeff is already breaking equipment.

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Yeah what's the story behind that hashtag?

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@Xtrminatr said:

3 more hours of bombcast goodness!

Come now, let's not exaggerate. There's only 2 hours and 52 minutes in this here 'cast.

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Gimmie dat.

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I think I need a bathroom bugout bag.

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"Not for city boys" reminds me of a sticker on a pickup I saw once. It was Calvin peeing on the words CITY BOYS. I couldn't help but wonder if it was almost some sort of goddamn artistic statement of inanity.

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After this podcast we got schooled on how GB reviews games >> AMAZING!!!

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Brad died for our sins.

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Is "The Ricker" still Jeff's roommate?

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Currently on the "The Book of Unwritten Tales" conversation. 
Love the mention of Sam and Max hit the road. 
Anyway, The book of Unwritten Tales, is actually a pretty decent adventure game. It "borrows" a LOT of jokes from Monkey Island (you may not notice if you havent played it  alot but I can name 5 jokes off the top of my head they totally use and the exact same way). 
The amount of references the game makes to World Of Warcraft as well (sometimes directly) is staggering. 
Beyond those 2 things, the game is actually alright. It's pretty funny at times, does what it does well, feels a bit like a 90s adventure game (which is cool) and it's often self aware (which I like). 
The game is pretty cool. I think it's alright. I almost finished it so I may do a blog on it when I'm done.

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@Xtrminatr said:

3 more hours of bombcast goodness!

Come now, let's not exaggerate. There's only 2 hours and 52 minutes in this here 'cast.

When you listen at work and have to rewind occasionally, it's 3 hours!

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It's pretty great when Jeff LOOSES IT when Vinny says Homefront

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The five ways you can feel about anything.

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I just realized that if someone just started listening to the Bombcast with this episode, they would be confused as hell.

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hell yeah bombcast

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I like the Bombcast a million times more when they talk about dumb, random shit. Jeff's room mate and housing stories are priceless. Video games can wait.

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Jeff's stories about his old apartment are BAD ASS.

If only we knew about how he got that name plaque from the former mayor of Petaluma...

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man I'm so glad Ryan saved this bombcast cuz this is one of the best bombcasts I've heard in a while.

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*Reads bombcast description* WHAT DO YOU MEAN IMMEDIATE RETIREMENT!? silly sound effects, drink tasting disasters, this is great.

@jonano said:

man I'm so glad Ryan saved this bombcast cuz this is one of the best bombcasts I've heard in a while.

Was just about to say the same thing.

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I know Ryan had to work some data recovery magic to get this to work, so I'm glad to have it at all this week, but there's stuff missing at around 1:53:30. They go from talking about the ME3 ending, then the audio skips, and suddenly they're talking about Sim City.

Edit: Also, duck sized horses question again? =(

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I literally couldn't catch my breath, I was laughing so hard at Vinny's Gamefly discussion. Especially the nonchalance of Ryan's "You are history's greatest monster."

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that's so weird, I swear I've read this description before!

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This is the Bombcast in a while. The guys are on fire. Constantly.

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Was there a cut when they were talking about Mass Effect 3? Suddenly they're talking about Sim City 3.