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Posted by Kolonel_Kool

New Bombcast!!!

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WOW!!! Can't wait to listen to the bombcast!
EDIT: OH NOES! Not the demons! :(

Posted by Th3_James


Posted by SpinnyPrinny

New 'Cast Sweetness!!!

Posted by Nahj

can't wait to listen

Posted by CL60

Do they explain the damn Russian Giantbomb?!!

Posted by TheRowGow

Something to listen to since I can't sleep, YAS!!!

Posted by Coltonio7

And so the lord said...

Posted by Matthew

Hot dang it's early!!  Alright!!

Posted by mrfluke


Posted by Axion

This makes my week. Every week.

Posted by lemon360


Posted by CoolDrMoney

A bombcast to go along with my final week of summer work. I'll give it a listen tomorrow during my second to last shift

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Great, hope Dave's sitting in for Brad. 
Update: Why was the audio quality kinda messed-up?
Posted by Fleante


Posted by Ineedaname

Loving it going up early means I can listen to it tonight.

Posted by ch3burashka

The BCast is up a bit early; all the better. Now I can go walk my neighbors dogs.

Posted by JJOR64

Best birthday present ever!

Posted by LordKorax

Bombcast, anyone?

Posted by Paradigmer


Posted by nick69


Posted by Lowbrow


Posted by chocolaterhinovampire

effin sweet

Posted by JoelTGM


Posted by Max_Hydrogen

What a sharp looking, well rounded young man.

Posted by babz

and we are goooooooooooo!

Posted by nginsmall
Yes please :) 
Posted by Yelix

Has there ever been a Bombcast where the comments didn't include someone saying it is a birthday present?

Posted by Joey2683
@JJOR64 said:
"Best birthday present ever! "

What kind of sad life are you living?
Posted by DerekDanahy


Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

early woot woot !
Posted by crusnchill
Agreed!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!! It's 1:55 in the morning. (I work late so...)
And I'm very happy now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by mustachioeugene

Brampton, Ontario's own Michael Cera!

Posted by Hyuzen

Jared spells his name the right way!
say no to Jarred, Jarod, and any other variations!!!

Posted by ReFracture

I is listenen' to mah bommmmmmmmcaust

Posted by AgentofChaos

What a silly man.

Posted by Sjosz

Someone tell the guest to go take a speaking course so he gets rid of the habit of saying 'like' every third word. :-/

Edited by CashBailey
@Sjosz said:

" Someone tell the guest to go take a speaking course so he gets rid of the habit of saying 'like' every third word. :-/ "

Dude I was just, like, thinking the exact same thing.
It's even, like, more annoying that someone who is always, like, saying "ummm..."
And kudos to Brad for the random Cthulhu reference!
Posted by Deusoma

Okay guys, I gotta say, I normally love the hell out of the Bombcast, but this week...
God damn. 
I didn't care for a single thing that was discussed for the first 28 minutes. Not one thing. Okay, talk about the Street Fighter tournament, talk about the arcade games, I understand that there are people who are way into those things, but there are also people who don't give two shits in a biscuit about it, and yammering on for 10+ minutes about such subjects is dryer than burnt toast.

Posted by GreasyTayTay

Sweet! Now I can stop photoshopping beards onto people.

Posted by paulosaurus

Does the Bombcast sound like it's in an underwater warehouse this week for anybody else?

Posted by CitizenKane

Looks like the Bombcast is a little early tonight.  Sweet!

Posted by destruktive

didn't say new on the frontpage :| I was sitting there waiting for this one.

Posted by Izick


Posted by HairyMike87

The Michael Cera Halo talk was hilarious!

Posted by Jynx


Posted by DEWMAN08

My big ol' steaming pile of Tuesday.
Posted by ashbash
Posted by simpledespot

Vinny, I thought I was done with Fallout at around 70 hours.  I'm now at 150.  Cheers!

Posted by Max21

YAY Bombcast
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