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Posted by Jackel2072

Bombcast now Bionic Commando later!!!!

Posted by Vandal

Sweet Bombcast! And new music? Old tune was better.

Posted by Mr_Bauer


Posted by TwoOneFive

as always, thanks for the bombcast! u guys are great!

Posted by GalvanizedNails

woot bombcast + anti-hitler talk = gold

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Posted by Steve_Ramirez

the Ryan Brad beef continues....

Posted by ParadoxControl

oh god, that new intro is SUPER FUNKY FRESH!

Posted by tokyochicken

danm new intro awesome

Posted by Berkie

Giant Bomb Awesome Show!   Great job!   Re-up...ha.

Posted by MayorQuimby

Woohoo Bombcast is up (way earlier this week too)

Posted by mtosh

ooo goatees >_>

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

Nice and early this week.

Tuning in.

Posted by keoskey

for you people how don't have xbox360 i have news for you Braid has been confirmed for PC and could come to PS3 sorry Wii owners no Braid for you becosue the game is just to big for a wii store download

Posted by GioVANNI

New song=Awesome

Posted by Travis

I'm loving the new intro.

Posted by Artie

Early is better than late.

Posted by Kontrapunkt

Woah new jam, i think this one sounds like sonic music i think the old one was cooler.

Posted by Paradigmer

Critics are raving about the new song!

Posted by Milkman

Another 2 hour Bombcast. Sweet.

Posted by VACkillers

another week already!!! good stuff guys!

Posted by Thordain

Dislike the new music.

Posted by Discorsi

im feelin the new intro

Posted by deaux

That new music is cool, but it should say "Giant Bomb."

I hadn't pegged the GB guys as Achewood fans.  Man, that comic was rad.

Posted by VACkillers

from what i can remember from a few E3 shows ago, the very first time they showed and mentioned Little Big Planet it WAS originally supposed to be a PSN DLC game... but i think its grabbed so much attention, and its just gotton SO SO BIG and just exploded in every news/game review magazine out there, that they've probably changed their minds and made this game a Retail product now.

Posted by keyhunter

It's not a NEW tune, it's a god dang REEEEMIIIX

Posted by VACkillers

Just so you know, the whole WoW blizzard thing, about extra bonus stuff if you en-rope a buddy, EVE-Online actually has done pretty much the same thing over a yr ago.

Posted by Sedarati

that new intro music is fucking awful what were they thinking lol

Posted by MichaelScott

Love the new intro music. :)

Posted by MattBodega

This episode was amazing, guys. Keep on keeping on!

Posted by bucky

woo new music!

Posted by Damonation

Haha! Oh god Battlefield Earth was a terrible film.

Posted by Nik_NYG

damn, now I'm curious about the whole shotgun to and anthill idea.

Posted by Kevan

Achewood is amazing forever you are all now the best people i listen to on the internet

Posted by SamChamploo
Great podcast you guys.
Posted by Milkman

Wow, I really think that was probably the best Bombcast yet. Awesome.

Posted by Quick_Stop_Chad

i like the new

Posted by VACkillers

I actually like the new tune...... I also liked how they gave themselfs more time to do emails... like hearing what you crazy quakers are thinking out there :)

Posted by Nanopunk

A man with a mustache always gets the ladies. Say no to goatees.

Posted by Valestis

Goatees and Hitler? SOLD!

Posted by patrick5152003

new intro = fail

Posted by Cirdain

Change the intro back to the fun 8-bit sounds / other stuff please. everyone liked that and now not many people like this one, knida

Posted by FCKSNAP

Aw hell yeah they hella name-dropped Achewood (I suppose that it's because they live near the area?)

Though I doubt a serious Achewood game would fly as Chris does not care about games.

Posted by Sokkratez

$60 a year for GameTap isn't a bad deal. That's how I've always looked at the subscription model they have. It's really cheap.

Posted by Dante_the_Jedi

2 hours of Giant Bomb, sweet. I like the new intro.

Posted by AttackedCamo

I used to blow up ant hills with home made fireworks. Thanks for the memories Jeff!

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I'm with Ryan.  This is "good old-fashioned nightmare fuel":

The gal actually looks better here than she does in the rest... and the old guy looks worse than he actually does in the demo. Eeee!

And I'm with Vinny on the rag doll thing.  They look like actual rag dolls...  need to be more like, well, people!  Only not like above...  unless they look like that when they die :) 

Given that Charlie Chaplin criticized Hitler in a film before it was even popular to, I don't think their joke about CC really works.
Posted by viking


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