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Bombcast is here!

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Jeff and a FFX reference are not two th...wait, that pic. Ugh.

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internet radio programme

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All hail the Bradcast!

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The Bradcast has brought a new age of glory and honor to the bombcast. Long live the Bradcast.

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It's Tuesday!

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It's finally Tuesday!

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Blitzball? The fuck?

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Sad for no Gamescom news, but YAY BRADCAST.

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Is that DJ Qualls?

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Hey gang, mix Blueberry Red Bull with Angry Orchard, call that shit Satan's Low Hanging Fruit. You're welcome.

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Brad not playing, Dota is he sick?

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3+ hours of Bombcast. Fuck yeah.

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I randomly decided a few days ago to start playing through the FFX HD thing and seeing Blitzball weirdos on the front page really messed with my head.

Also, FUCK BLITZBALL! I forgot how much I fucking hated that shit the first time around! It's so fucking stupid! The whole "everything is math-based" is broken because the math isn't even right! 10-4 is not 5, you fuckers! You can't randomize math, IT'S FUCKING MATH!

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Jeff's anime nightmare is real!

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It's Blitz!

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Jecht Shot y'all!

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I agree Jeff, fuck blitzball

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When you say that Dan's been hanging out with the riff raff again, I hope you mean the RiFF RAFF. Let's find out!

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Brad played games other than Dota.

I'm sorry Brad, custom games in Dota doesn't count as "other games".

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Blitzball gets better and easier when your team is higher level. Tidus becomes unstoppable and Jecht Shot will get through about any defense.

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Whats a tuesday?

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Ed Harris was in National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets

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Jeff bought FFX HD not once, but THREE times?!?! Ahahahahaha....

Square Enix's financial problems are over!

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Jeff threw in a girlfriend reference this week

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Smash that website Bradley Coup-er, Jeff!

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Oh god please yes, a Metal Gear feature would be AMAZING.

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I really like Blitzball in concept, I just think it didn't play that well.

I'll take the card games from FF8 and 9 over it any day. Especially the one from 8.

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Here I was thinking that Brad could contain the Bombcast to under 3 hours. Looks like nobody can stop this explosion of madness. Ironically fewer emails this time too.

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I love the discussion of spoof movies. I still enjoy Hot Shots 1 and 2. Also glad to hear Loaded Weapon 1 mentioned.

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Dropping in to tell Brad that Soul Plane has no redeeming value.

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When Jeff was talking about how good Diablo 3 is of a podcast game, I was playing through Torchlight 2 just because it's the best podcast game I have.

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The Rock 2: The Rock, Too

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Oh man, Jeff is just in top form this cast.

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I am super pumped for this potential Metal Gear feature. Go get em guys.

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No ear butts, only ghetto blasters

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@jbcrenshaw: i know right? Am I the only person who finds the elusiveness of Jeff's personal life eminetly intriguing?

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When you say that Dan's been hanging out with the riff raff again, I hope you mean the RiFF RAFF. Let's find out!

I ran across this treasure like an hour ago. Handle with caution.