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downloading Right now from IRAN...It's 5:46 AM here.

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Sweet can't wait to listen!

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Get this on itunes lol
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Tardiness is a threat!!! Bombcast  ya'll

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Guess what time it is?!

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haha bombcast on my birthday....how awesome

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Dude. 3: 19 AM in Spain. Wicked yo. Totally rad. Huzzah!

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w00t sauce!

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Alright! Bombcast time!

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the only reason to get up on a tuesday is here

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It's Bombcast time!

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Great. Now I can go to sleep!

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Oh wow. Supertroopers reference right off the bat? This may already be the greatest Bombcast ever!

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Awesome. This is when I wish I had a faster net connection.

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This is my favorite part of the week.

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But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?  
It is the east and the Bombcast is the sun. 
-Billy Shakespeare
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bombcast are going!

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woot!!! 2:49AM in Ireland!!!

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WHOOO!! BOMBCAST!!! 9:51 in Canada

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I like PIE! Wait... what?

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They should've delayed the B-cast for a few hours to cover gamescon. All Tuesday podcasts are pretty much useless 'cause they don't cover the most important event of the day.
This is all under the assumption that they DON'T cover gamescon.

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@siavashh said:
" FIRSTtttttt   downloading Right now from IRAN...It's 5:46 AM here. "
whoaa nicee haha
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pure awesome!

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Clean silica is not poisonous when swallowed.  Neither is sand or quartz, because they're all the same thing. It's also used as cat litter.
Breathing in silica dust can cause silicosis, which is fun to say, but very bad for your lungs.

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Yay, downloading!

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sweet i have to drive for just over 2 hours round trip tomorrow, must hold off until then!!!!

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Ryan, get your ass to Zebes.

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Best part of the week!

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At last!

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My sources tell me you're part of this menagerie.

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I'll agree that the original Metroid is harder than Super Metroid but better? I don't know about that.  
I can't beileve the 4 guys I look to for my gaming info hardly like (or even played..ryan) Super Metroid. It's probably my favorite game ever.  Not saying you guys are wrong or dumb shits or anything, I just think it's weird. It's like I don't even know who you are anymore! 
Brad's still cool though.

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Why weren't they allowed in Germany? Their girlfriends forbade it?

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@AuthenticM: They decided quite awhile back (last year) that this would be the event they wouldn't go to.  There usually just isn't anything new .  It's too soon after E3 for anything already shown to have received any major changes, and anything that's still being saved is usually saved for TGS.  That and Germany is far.
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Jeff said Archibald Rimhouser and I literally had to walk away from my computer to stop from laughing hysterically.

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@siavashh: oh thats awesome.
11:45pm in Venezuela!
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That made me cry a little.