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Posted by spiceninja


Posted by Wesker


Posted by hughesie27

nearly first

Posted by siavashh


Posted by baba2


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Drew is on?! Awesome!

Posted by Dynamitekyle

Bombcast time! 

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Hell yeah Drew!

Posted by patrick


Posted by wrecks

sweet, fresh bomb.

Posted by DerekDanahy


Posted by ZmillA

Wish they had dave on instead, but

Posted by Dirty_Harry


Posted by Kryptonik

Woot woot!

Posted by starfox_of_the_damned

oooooo bombcast you make tuesday worth living
Posted by LiquidPrince


Posted by siavashh
@ZmillA said:
" Wish they had dave on instead, but  IT'S THE GIANTBOMB CAST Y'ALL! "
I hear they have locked dave in a closet with that jacket thing that came with batman AA
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Lets do this.............

Posted by Monkeygb21

Can't wait to hear Vinny tell us about playing Fallout 3!

Posted by punkxblaze

Giant Drewcast Go.

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So is the picture a zoomed shot of Peter Molyneux's balls?
They're pretty smooth

Posted by ki11tank


Posted by Twiggy199

finally decided to sign up today, seen as ive spent the last 3 weeks on the website, and yay bombcast!!!!

Posted by Zabant

"My heart belongs to giant bomb"

Posted by Agent_Lost


Posted by ShinyD3mon
@Twiggy199: Welcome, new fellow Giantbomber!
Posted by SJSchmidt93

That's not really... 

Posted by Smarter_Martyr

Time to get drunk.... again.

Posted by AndrewB

Dude... WHAT? Vinny was in NH? I could have crashed that wedding!

Posted by quirkwood

It's about bloody time, I have been waiting a whole week for this! ;)

Posted by Costello

Is that a close up view of Peter Molyneux's balls? This Podcast is OVER!!

Posted by Scooper

Nice! I can listen to this while I play Zelda 2 The Adventure of Link. Man this game's hard!!

Posted by Hitchenson

Fuck, it's 2.40am... I need sleep...

Posted by Walreese55

Peter Molyneux's balls ON THE MOON!

Posted by Zifrit

I love Balls. >_>
BOMBCAST! 3:41 in Spain BISH!

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what was the name of this video they talk about in the beginning with all the gore sounds awesome
also i love the the bombcast

Posted by natetodamax
@Twiggy199: Welcome to the site.
Posted by tekmojo


Posted by CherokeeJack

YES, it's up.
Now I can finally hear you guys talk about fucking Gamescom. Why did all the best stuff happen after the last show?

Posted by rcath

glad they did not wait til midnight this time

Posted by supalink

moar bombcasts!

Posted by SecretTheHedgehog

Horray  for Bomb Team *thumb up*
Posted by dirtyfootprints
@punkxblaze said:
" Giant Drewcast Go. "
Posted by JJOR64

Hail to the king baby!

Posted by ghostNPC

awesome stuffs guys.

Posted by Dynamitekyle

Place you guys are talking about is "Redridge". 

Posted by Walreese55

why the fuck is up with fucking blizzard talk shit!!!?!?!?!?!!??!  My grammer has gone to shit due to this blizzard talk for about an hour.

Posted by demonbear

Giantbomb's Batman review wont be a 5, i'm calling it, Ryan has his mind set on anything but a 5 and he havent played it much yet...... yeah....

Posted by Seraphim84

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWkP1er9zv0 is probably the youtube vid Ryan speaks of, if anyone's interested

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