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Yes its up!!!!

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Was beginning to think it wouldn't show tonight. :X

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I love me some Bombcast!

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Did someone say bombcast?

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bombcast time

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bro out

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Let's go! 

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Music to my ears!!!

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yay! it's here

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I heart Tuesdays.

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Thanks guys!

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Only good thing about Tuesdays!

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Kreayshawns Titties.

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Only two pages of comments after several minutes means people are distracted by the news about the Persona fighting game.

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@CustomOtto: I feared the same.

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I've been refreshing this page for an hour now... Does that mean I'm obsessed?

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woot, oh wait now that its out i have to do some homework :C  atleast your sultry voices are there

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@Red12b: I love everything about this. =D

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I can make it to about 10 combos before I hate myself.

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Fucking Tuesday is the best day.

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NO Vinny,  No Way!~

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Tis a fine day indeed for a podcast.

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It's still season 3?

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@PresDNA said:

NO Vinny,  No Way!~

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Now I feel loved for the week

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No Vinny? All this wait was for naught.

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No Vinny's there. 
But so is Kelepek so its kind of a wash

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I was getting worried that their wasn't going to be a bombcast this week

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I think Vinny is the scholar of the bunch.  I really like the way he hunkers
down & reads WH40k & The Witcher books & then hits the games.  That's
how like to get into it.  Seems to enhance the experience, if you ask me.
And I like hearing about the details.  Good stuff on these Bombcasts.

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Fez is up there with Nidhogg for indie games that I've been waiting for for what seems like forever. So pumped for it to finally be coming out!

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Maybe it's just me, but whenever someone on a podcast tries to describe yet another new quirky indie game, I instantly find my mind just wandering off and then like 15 minutes later I realise I haven't heard a single word they said. It just doesn't make for compelling listening material for me.

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Man, I hope they talk about Twisted Metal. Really interested to hear Jeff expand on his Twitter impression, especially considering how cold he was to the game beforehand.