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Downloading it right now.

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Never mind.

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Downloading, and loving every minute of it!

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Took you long enough.

Posted by DJmizuhara

Sweet, just in time for my 2 hour commute home...cheers guys! :D

Posted by Chris

Wow... have to say I'm impressed that there was still a podcast today given that there was also a podcast on the weekend and the PAX panel.

I appreciate it.

Posted by SuperJoe

1 part vodka
1 part redbull
2 parts panda blood

Posted by DaveKingston

Haha....Oh well...my brother is getting me that game for free.....Ill play and trade it in. Im just talkin about Mercenaries 2!!! He works at EA.... He said that game was pretty bad. I said I dont care.... Hook me up mayne!!!!!

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Great aussie accent Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

dethPod sync complete.

Tuning in...

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Alright something to keep my attention during class

Posted by Death_Burnout

I'd just like to point out though, we've had Oreo's for years and i live in the UK too, So they aint new here.

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Yes! Yes! I mean I don't really like fighting games but more Darkstalkers seems AWESOME. I LOVE B.B. Hood! :D

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Awesome show

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The whole new releases part was hilarious.

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I can guess what's on that lost camera: GAY SEXUAL CONTENT!

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That's a good ASS game lol xD

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Another great Bombcast. Nicely structured. Lots of new stuff coming out at the moment....Not neccarsarily all good stuff but you guys are giving fair warning about that.
This is the only weekly podcast I listen to these days.

What are the chances of you doing a weekly Giant Bomb video show in the future?


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Another great podcast, lots of fun, GB rules!

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giantbomb = awesomeness 

though really from everything ive heard about mercs 2 im really disappointed - i ABSOLUTELY LOVED mercs 1 for the freedom to go anywhere do anything, blow up everything style, i played the game like 9 times over.....man i was sooo looking forward to mercs 2.....too000000 bad.....GOW 2 better be amazing
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Aww man I'm a bit bummed about Mercs 2, I was expecting something totally awesome but instead it sounds like it's totally... middling. Oh well. Viva Pinata 2!

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Game commenters picking on geeks who don't fit their idea of gamer fashion?  WHATEVER, guys!

Posted by Dryker

Dude, I feel I need to defend Looney Tunes from being compared to breakfast cereal mascots. I can only assume Aaox isn't aware of the vaunted history of Looney Tunes. If only cartoons today could achieve the comic genius of those early Tunes. Foghorn Leghorn, Droopy, and Spike cannot be placed beside Tony the Tiger, Count Chocula, and the Lucky Charms leprachaun. Sorry, had to be said.

Posted by Hilts

Great Podcast. Thanks to Viva Pinata: Troble in Paradise - I dont get a look in on my 360 now. I have to literally  wrestle the controller off my girlfriend every night. Im trying to finish Mass Effect too.
Help me Dr Jeff

Posted by Aaox

It's obvious I screwed up here on Giant Bomb. I'm sorry, if that helps, for offending eitheryou or Looney Tunes. And I don't think we've had Oreos that long. About a year, maybe? Two? That's still young for a cookie, because they've been out in America for at least 14 years. But I'm sorry if I offended you in any way.

Posted by Aaox

That IS like time travel!

EDIT: HOLY SH*T! THEY READ MY E-MAIL! I'd like to clarify: I didn't mean all the cartoon characters ever, I just meant the Cereal commercial characters. Like the wolf guy from cookie crisp, and that sort of stuff. Looney tunes and stuff are all the same. Sorry.

EDIT AGAIN: I meant VOICES people. the VOICES of the Looney Tunes are the same as the American ones. Jeez.
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AWESOME podcast as always.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Oh well it could of been a local thing to where i live then or something, i mean i live in the south, and i mean south, right on the coast to be exact, and i remember quite clearly eating Oreo's (from Tescos even) at the age of i'd say 10 or so (i was young i know that much) im 18 now so thats 8 years ago i reckon

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Its 8:50pm over here in California, and still no Bombcast? NOOOOOOOOOO!

Posted by JoshA

Does this mean they're behind? Or does it mean this is an epic bombcast? Or something else? I don't know, but I can't stay up much later to wait for this bombcast. It's about 12pm est over here and I gots to get up in 6 hours.

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Usually the longer it take to go up, the longer the bombcast. I hope that's the case. And it's 12 am on the east coast and I'll wait 'till is up.

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need a new bombcast !!!!

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cmon guys i too need to be up in 6 hours

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Tuesday nights just aren't the same when I can't fall asleep listening to the bombcast. Hope this means it's just taking longer to upload because of how long it is.

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9 o'clock on the west coast where's the bombcast

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Want bombcast!!!! please!? I have to get up in 6 hours!

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it's 2:15pm in Canberra. I have a 2 hour break in the library...

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Today is Tuesday right?  Shouldn't there be a new bombcast here?

Posted by Mars_Cleric

it is normally up by now but i'm sure it'll be up soon.

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I need Brad's voice to help me sleep! Don't take that away from me!

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9:30 in the west. where is it?

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0_-  Put up the Bombcast or fear the Stink-eye.

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That was just creepy

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Yeah, that was creepy.

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oh bombcast! Why have you forsaken us?

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