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Wait, Dota 2??

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Now 2 hours seems short lol.

Posted by ThePickle

the streak never ends.

but man, no rorie for fourth chair?

Posted by afabs515

2 hours!? Say it ain't so!

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Someone got injured?

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Glad it's up today. If Wednesday was Tuesday my whole week would be thrown off!

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Thanks for the updates, Jeff! Always so timely!

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Tuesday is saved!

Posted by adamfedoruk

Hope there is really some Dota this time

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Owwwwwoooooooooooooooooo. Howlin' over that bombcast.

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get fucked boi

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Now I can once again lay down in bed and let the soothing sounds of the bombcast whisk me to sleep as I sip cranberry juice.

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Oh man, they're finally gonna talk about that Defense of the Aged Ones The Second game!

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I hope you guys stop going to PAX. Mike's comments are disgusting.

Posted by Sidewalkchalk

I hope you guys stop going to PAX. Mike's comments are disgusting.


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So dangerous, don't let your momma catch you listening!!

Posted by Farkas

Hello everyone. It's Tuesday.

Posted by mithhunter55

WOO, thanks Jeff

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Finally! The D.O.T.A2Cast! My favorite podcast's favorite podcast!

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Hope brad doesn't just utterly shit on gta 5 unless its warranted and not just cause its not brothers

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Only the most dangerous for this man.

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Deja Vu'ing pretty hard here.

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Boston (New England) has the white clam chowder, NY has tomato clam chowder. You were completely wrong.

Posted by fanboyjustin

why no matt rorie??

Posted by HammondofTexas

Finally it's Tuesday

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UGH they're talking about the vita again. can someone give me the time stamps for that discussion so i can avoid it???

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I love the weekly Vita talk! That thing gets so much playtime out of me.

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@customotto: As a Vita owner.... Finally some Vita discussion!

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Jesus Christ, the way they describe this panel. I can't wait to see it.

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signs in Seattle about Vancouver are for Vancouver, Canada

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Giant DOTAcast continues!!

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At what time do they start talking about GTAV??

Posted by Biddy

How many different ways can they spell DOTA 2? Every week it is different!

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the giantbombcast is the n.w.a. of podcasts.

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I hope you guys stop going to PAX. Mike's comments are disgusting.

Can someone fill me in?