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Posted by DualReaver


Posted by Foil1212

Yeah! Hawaiian Punch!

Posted by Thrawn1

what are the chances that itunes decides to update as soon as the bombcast goes up?

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

Now downloading...as soon as I find it on iTunes...

Posted by Scooper

Thanks I'll go listen :)

Posted by Jeff

"what are the chances that itunes decides to update as soon as the bombcast goes up?"

Considering iTunes pulls from the same location as everything else does, I'd say about 100%. Keep in mind that you should be hitting the "subscribe" button on the podcast in iTunes, not just going to our page in the store and looking for the show there. If you're not subscribed, it can take hours or days for it to show up on that preview page.
Posted by Psynapse

Woo hoo! <3 my bombcast

Posted by Cry0Tek

This ALWAYS makes my week! Downloading now! :)

Posted by Gorillawhat

Yeah! So full of win and yet I haven't even listened yet. All you have to do is read the description!

Posted by Dipstick

Wewt wewt,my night just got better :D

Posted by Daveyo520

I don't know what I would do without my weekly Bombcast fix.

Posted by wrecks

ahhhh, that's some smooth bomb.

Posted by SamChamploo
I like zombies
Posted by CleverLoginName

Maybe its just because your Brad Shoemaker, that the Fable 2 ladies fall so easily.

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I wonder if there's a way to check out how long the 'cast is before you load it up, because I need to plan ahead to set aside time to listen to them.  These things are LONG!

Posted by Ma7moud

I was expecting them to talk about the upcoming website features. Great Podcast BTW

Posted by mrfluke

YES keep the greatness and the perfect length going

Posted by ElectricSlime


Posted by KingOfIceland

"strict NATs"


Posted by RHCPfan24


Posted by FLStyle

The Dynasty Warrior games need a big upgrade, only then might I buy one.

Great podcast!

Posted by TheWorstPlayerEver

I saw that Old Glory energy drink earlier this year and I was gonna send you guys a couple. That's great that you got to drink it because I thought it was an amazing can design when I saw it

Posted by DylanW

Yeah, I ran across some of this at Walmart a while back:

Ol' Glory Energy Drink: If you drink anything else, you obviously hate America.

Posted by PeldonPeldon

Brad, finish GTA4.  Seriously Dude, what are you waiting for?

Posted by Milkman

I killed a beetle! WOAAAHHHHH

Posted by myslead

ahahah, you killed a BEETLE!
how lucky of you!

Posted by psiphon

Hey Guys,
Burnout Paradise DLC is free because it's ad-driven.

It's actually kind of amazing that people don't pick up on that - I'd love to hear a discussion on how well Criterion integrated advertisements into a game, and how other companies absolutely suck at it.

Posted by Aaox

That's my street name: 'Mad British'.

EDIT: Brad needs to finish GTA IV. Like, NOW.
Posted by futbol_dude10

great podcast

Posted by StaticFalconar

No news of the world music? Or did I miss something.

Posted by zig

In regards to EA games and digital distribution: I bought Spore from Direct2Drive.. this is indisputably an EA game on a not-EA download service.

Posted by FinalBoss

Great BombCast as usual

Posted by mythus

Jeff, you crazy.  Tool is awesome. 

Posted by Linkyshinks

Great stuff guys thanks for another enjoyable listen :)

Posted by Sanj
Posted by Miningguyx360

you lied to us jeff it was blowing up today not in the summer, or were you right?

Posted by Dethfish

Do you guys get some sort of info about how many people subscribe to your podcast on iTunes?

Posted by Tiwi

Don't mock the metal, "they see every thing".
Tools!!! for the stone and weird!!!

Posted by Trilogy

Awesome, they picked my email about dynasty warriors! That just made my day. Great podcast as always.

Posted by Tebbit

Why Rock Band hasn't arrived in Australasia yet?

Zombies. They cause every goddamn thing.

Posted by Eriktion

Hey everyone,
I know I am retarded for not knowing this by now, but what is the e-mail address for the podcast??? Is it Bombcast@giantbomb.com?


Posted by Dryker

Podcast tonight! Yay, yay!

Posted by Gagewhylds

Podcast!, When's it go up?

Damn good zombie book: World War Z

Posted by BrockSampson

World War Z is indeed great. But I am more interested in the new podcast.

Posted by Dryker

Come on, bombcast!

Posted by wildmatt

There's a lack of people freaking out and Rich.... uh... I mean Vinny coming in here and assuring everyone that, it is indeed coming. 

Posted by TomServo

Give me bombcast or give me death!

Posted by NeonKnight

I'm new here, when does the new one go up? I love plugging these guys into my brain.

Posted by Hef

As much as I love the bombcast, I really think they should make a specific deadline for when the podcast has to be uploaded. Every Tuesday is a waiting game for a lot of people  who are wondering when it's going to be up.  Might send an e-mail to the bombcast for next week.

Posted by NickL

i think they usually go up around 9 depending on length, but the last time i have actually been on this time on tuesday was a couple months ago so..

i was hoping the get my bombcast and listen to it while i study for my chem exam tomorrow >_>

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