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Posted by Mars_Cleric

Jolly good!

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

A much needed Bombcast after a very long day.  Thanks.

*tunes in*

Posted by wildmatt

Hells yeah!

Posted by AllanIceman

It's UP!!

Posted by bjorno

out before 11pm? MIND BLOWING

Posted by j_meyer_13

Awesome!  Bombcast before midnight :)

Posted by RedRoach


Posted by Hef

Sweet, now i can fall asleep listening to the bombcast

Posted by Lies


Posted by plagueseason

Tuesday nights? More like Wednesday mornings. Better late than never I suppose. Thanks guys.

Posted by piecat

"Tuesday nights? More like Wednesday mornings. Better late than never I suppose. Thanks guys."
Not on the west coast, which happen to the home of Giant Bomb crew.

Posted by Rowr


Posted by adri4n

why does it say first weekend of Warcraft Online?...shouldn't it be first weekend of Warhammer Online?

Posted by Berkie

Thanks dudes.

Posted by CleverLoginName

Wraaaaah kah ka kah. Sums up this week.

Posted by GioVANNI

The first weekend of Warcraft Online?  Funny typo. XD

Posted by HydraHam

can someone link those C&C videos?

Posted by elektrixx


Posted by Robocop111

Those guys should of talk about my game.

Posted by TwoOneFive

acdc has a song balls to the wall?  i thought that was quiet riot

Posted by elektrixx

The end of the podcast certainly was old school.

Posted by wafflestomp

Balls to the Wall is by Accept

Posted by Tebbit


Posted by John

Hells yeah!

Posted by Alphazero

I bought Burnout used from a friend. It's awesome.

I'm gonna go buy a Vizio from CompUSA now.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Haha, not that i dont like Brad and Vinny (because i do like them a lot, well i love all you guys) but the ending was very old-school, and well, i kinda prefered those days, the podcasts were more focused with just two dudes.

Posted by Daveyo520

National Amusements is a movie theater chain, I used to work for them. They have a small arcade located in there lobbies. 

Posted by TwoOneFive

Ahhh, thats right Accept. that song kicks major ass! BALLS TO THE WALL dun dun, dun dund und DUUUN dundund

Posted by Mourne

Great show, boys. Keep it up.

Posted by Kaido

Is it just me or did the podcast cut short?

Posted by TwoOneFive

you guys forgot to mention that theyre makin a goddamned Monopoly movie!!! not a video game, but totally friggin relevant to that conversation. 

Posted by JAH_Donuts

Next weeks Rap & Game pair up.

Mos Def enjoys Intelligent Qube
Fat Joe loves him some Cooking Mama
Bobby Digital is killer at Armored Core for Answer
Trick Daddy... well... he's broke now and was last seen selling his Sega Genesis for quarter waters and Chico Sticks

awesome show guys. Red Alert sirens and explosions/crash noises are pure dope.

Posted by DavidSnakes

Vinny's klaxon noises were hella annoying

Posted by Impossibilium

I don't know what time that was recorded, but from now on it should be the time that all bombs are cast.

Sleep deprived conversations are fuel for the funny.

Posted by JoshuaN

I'm just glad other people hate Lil Wayne.  I was getting to feel like i was the only one.  Great Podcast and kudos to Vinny for the New Jack City reference!

Posted by Aaox

Is Brad going to be leaving the podcast halfway through on a regular basis? 'Cause Brad rules. Oh, what? Vinny left as well? Dang! It's just like the good... well, the old... the.. the days. It's just like the days.

Posted by Gizmo


Posted by futbol_dude10

another great episode

Posted by FallenFatKid

mk vs dc is looking great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by KingOfIceland

Fantastic episode guys. One of the best so far

Posted by CodeHero

Yay for colorblind people.

Posted by Dethfish

When I asked what to get this year, MK or Street Figher, I ment within the next 12 months. I know SF4 doesn't come out in 2008 but whatever, I'm leaning towards SF4 now. The DC thing turns me away a little.

Posted by callmesteam

Haven't heard the new show yet, but I doubt it was mentioned.  I used the CAGCast link to this years podcast award nominations to nominate BombCast!  In the following categories:
Peoples Choice - BombCast
Best Produced - BombCast
Gaming - BombCast

So fellow BombCasters... GO. Nominate!  Now! http://www.podcastawards.com/index.php?option=nominate

Good Luck guys!

Posted by vgmkyle

A little late,but better late than never I guess.

DLing,hope it's good.

Posted by Dandy

Vinny's red alert siren never gets old lol

Posted by Osiris

Full Throttle would be awesome, really. :(

Posted by mgssnake

Great show!
I discovered it only yesterday and i am so glad there is a podcast that has those guys in it! They where so great on the Hotspot and now there back! It's great that it's so long (almost 2 hours) cause bigger is better, the fact that the swearing is left in just makes it more authentic. Also voted on the podcast award nominations (categories: Peoples Choice, Best Produced, Comedy, Cultural / Arts, Education, Entertainment, Gaming and General).
And this is the first time i heard that Jeff is colorblind. That was unexpected. Maybe he mentioned something on the Hotspot a long time ago but i can't really remember.
Keep up the good work guys!!!

Posted by DaemonBlack

The sims for me is a religion, and the sims movie is the ****

Posted by RHCPfan24

That was a good one.  (In an Arnuld voice).

Posted by YoMma

Started listening recently, the last four bombcasts really and I must say I have enjoyed every minute. This podcast was the highlight so far with the constant siren gag, I had people giving me odd looks for laughing out loud during my commute.

High five!
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