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Yeah Bombcast ~~~

Posted by Milkman

There is no "release date" in the iTunes version of the podcast, which fucks up the entire list of podcasts. And that pisses me the hell off. Someone fix this.

Posted by Ryan

Good catch sir--I put a 9 where a 0 should be. Fixed!

Posted by NAKent

Alright we need jeff to listen to this podcast and and make comments and record those said comments.

Posted by jyurakyumihawk

@ Discorsi


Posted by havoc414

no Jeff?? fuck that

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Posted by snide

Yay... it's up.

Oh wait...

*runs away*

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Posted by MightyMayorMike

Oh man, just digging into the podcast, and now I'm torn between that and the Fallout 3 preview. Props to Giant Bomb for helping me get through another late night.

Peace from the East.

Posted by Aether

That was a pretty interesting show. Was refreshing to hear another part of the Giantbomb crew. Has a pretty cool sense of humor too.

Posted by KingOfIceland

Snider's on! huzzah!!

Posted by Terranova

sorry to say guys but Sony have responded to CVG's article and said  Afrika isn't coming to Europe,

Posted by Scooper

Cool podcast.

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Posted by Superchris129

Finally got rid of Jeff eh? Awesome. lol jk

Posted by Berkie

Great show guys.

Posted by Rowr


O and gtfo you whiny, jeff fanboys.

Good to hear snide on the Bombcast.

Posted by jyurakyumihawk

Mr Snider, I'm a pretty good soldier class. Post your Steam ID so I can kick ur ass.

Posted by scurrybot

Snider is a lotta fun, nice addition to the cast. more!!!

crank it or spank it boys!

Posted by deaux

Grood episode, but I'm so bored with the drinks recipes.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Wow, this podcast reminded me, Brad doesnt have such a good memory :S

I sadly didn't enjoy this one, not because Jeff wasn't there, because i reallylike Snider! It just felt a bit...i dunno

Posted by GeekyDad

Good podcast. Just a request: Can you guys try to bring a mic for everyone or headset mics for the TGS podcast(s). Your after-show podcast of Comic-con was very muffled and the volume was way low. Otherwise, it's always great to hear news of these events.

Also, stay sober (or at least coherent) this time.


Posted by futbol_dude10

great show

Posted by Seram

Wow, some people here act like they fantasize to Jeff or something. Seriously, come on.

Posted by Aaox

Oh my god, Vinny, you just completley summarised flying in a nutshell. I HATE when that happens! Stupid long flights... Just imagine waking up when you still have 20+ hours left to go. I wanted to scream. LOUDLY.

Posted by Arcane_Workshop

I LOVE this podcast.... but for godsake! All you guys talk about is Guitar Hero and Rock Band! How is it possible you guys are able to find MORE things to talk about in these games? You've discussed ad nasea: the games, the "plastic instruments", the songs, the songpacks, etc... so many times, in almost EVERY past podcast, including this one. Theres more games out there, you know??

Again, I love the podcast, but JEEZ guys...
Hopefully next week when you guys are able to talk about Fallout 3, you'll be able to spend a lot of time on it.

Posted by Knives

Surely gaming journalists as distinguished as yourselves know the awesomeness of Wiiware.

Posted by Expletive

i dont see what they mean by "the chief is done" did you wait till after the credits? it seems to me that the chief could easily be in a another game

Posted by dvaeg

Ditto on the iTunes issue.  Can someone get it up on that so it doesn't mess up my obsessive-compulsive podcast organization process?

Posted by RelentlessKnight


No you gtfo, if Jeff isn't here then its just plain without the jelly...er yeah without the good thing only things that are not top-quality humour on the side.

I was great but, Snide is just Snide, and with the expectation of Brad and Vinny, its funny but doesn't have much potential to be even more crazy and humorous.

And please, leave the Jeff hatred remarks out of this site, if you don't like Gerstmann that much, that you GTFO or "just why the fuck are you here!", trying to screw with Jeff again like you did before, give the man a break, he is like the co-host to the host, and without the co-host, it will be only good.

Posted by deaux

GeekyDad: Are you thinking of the podcast at PAX with Rich and Alex?  They acknowledged the mic problems during that one, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Posted by GioVANNI

Nice show you got dere.

Posted by BranDong

No Gerstmann in this weeks cast = FAIL!

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Hey guys, I think the LotR RPG they were trying to remember was The Third Age, a forgettable and somewhat generic RPG that featured characters that were almost but not completely like the cast of the movies following the fellowship on their own lame quest.
You also talked about guitar hero too long, your summary could have been, "It's like Rock Band but harder"
Also, Jeff-less podcast = lame. Snide was ok though.

Posted by ManMadeGod

I was pleasantly surprised at how well Dave Snider fit into the bombcast this week!
Heres to having him on again some time in the near future.

Posted by Sulaco

I love this podcast but I'm sick to death of hearing about Guitar Hero and Rock Band.  Come on guys - there must be other games you can talk about.

Posted by dagas

I agree. It's not like there's much to say about GH and Rockband, if you've played one game you pretty much know what to expect.

And to Ryan Davis, it's not Wipeout XL,  it's Wipeout 2097 =P and yes that is the best Wipeout game.

Posted by jyurakyumihawk

Its a trap!!!

Posted by TwoOneFive

The authenticity of Brothers In Arms is largely based on the weapons, the tactics used, the missions, and mostly the locations. many of the maps are actually very accurate. you could visit some of the places in the game in real life it looks the same

Posted by Peter

I think Dave Snider needs to be a regular

Posted by DanCampbell

my terrible love of dave has made me go back in time to 2008

Posted by Agent47
@ArbitraryWater: Nope it was the LOTR game that never saw the light of day The White Council. The Third age was just something else that came out instead, but different companies and goals.
Posted by ArbitraryWater
@Agent47:  Why on earth did you reply to a comment I made 2 years ago?
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