Posted by Drebin_893

I'm British, so it's weird having it update at normal time for me!

Posted by Broman6015

Bombcast #3 this week!

Posted by frenchdork

Like the intro, very chill and relax.

Posted by KingOfIceland

A new podcast, this early? MADNESS

Posted by AKillerCombo

Madness! I just finshed listing to the 2nd one, reboot my laptop and #3 appears!

Posted by df

how nice, a podcast right about chinese take-away time.

Posted by Milkman

Jesus christ, I'm not even done with the Wednesday podcast. Slow the fuck down!

Posted by samcotts

Hurray. I literally just finished listening to the last podcast, now another one up? Awesome.

Like Drebin_893, I'm British, and it's great having new bombcasts up evening time over here for once.
Posted by Venatio

I love having many bombcasts to listen to, Im still listening to the previous one now

Posted by Daveyo520

Whooo More Bombcast!  Capital Letter

Posted by Milkman

Switching to the suave intro music this time.

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Regarding street fighter 4 home version. Dan and Fei Long are in it, official art work has been released

Posted by AttackedCamo

I'm liking the new music.

Posted by mrfluke
if i new how to draw pic like a badass id draw u guys dressed like yakuza to go with that music i like it better than the old one
Posted by wefwefasdf

This bombcast was a lot more chill. :)

Posted by Bartiemus

cool podcast befire i go to class

Posted by Kontrapunkt

Love the intro kinda like Gran Turismo Music, also love the regular updates/time :) great cast guys.

Posted by Joneal

New intro theme was amazing. Should be the permanent one.

Posted by bearfield
another good bombcast.  nice work
re:  ninety nine nights 2...

this time it's being developed by q entertainment and feel+, who you might recognize from their stellar work on lost odyssey and before that the shadow hearts series.  also worth noting is the fact that n3-2 will NOT be under the considerable pressure of being a (near?) launch title.  n3 was a technical mess, had a terrible save system and was lacking in stages and enemy variety.  HOWEVER it did a lot of things right (tons of attack strings, amazing looking screen-clearing super moves, great art design) and showed glimpses into the future of "tear through thousands of dudes with gnarly weapons" dynasty-warriors style gameplay.  i suppose whether that future is something worth exploring is debatable

q entertainment's dedication to making a polished product is a given.  feel+ is collection of very talented and experienced game designers.  based on this knowledge i'm expecting great things from n3-2 but i'm sure most people aren't.  i wouldn't completely dismiss it as being uneccessary given that the circumstances surrounding the dev cycle will be very different.  my guess is that n3-2 will build on the good and drop or fix the bad, much like any other sequel, and add current game "requirements" like co-op, tons of different modes, more leaderboards, dlc, etc.

tl:dr:  different dev, no launch pressure, should be good
Posted by bucky

new intro song is amazing.

Posted by Gregomasta

Where could I find a full version of 10-09-2008's intro/exit music?

Posted by phrosnite

Bombcast three days in a row. You are great guys.

Posted by yuyihin

Another bombcast !!!

Posted by Sedarati

this music intro is much better :D :)

Posted by Hilts

Listening to Giant Bombs podcasts from TGS 08 is the next best thing to me actually being there in the flesh.
Two thumbs fresh to the  Bombers.

Posted by daniel_beck_90

What a great Bomb cast . Well done Guys 

Posted by GamespotNoMore

that Burger Time burger big enough to lie down and eat sounds delicious!!

Posted by Anwar

there is a burger bed, unfortunately not made out of food.