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Oh hi there.

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its here!

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Woo Bombcast!

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I camed

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been waiting for this for literally minutes.

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XCOM and Dishonored discussion incoming. KA-BOOM.

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Oh goodie :D

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get on dis

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Tokyo Giantbombing Raid.

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FINALLY I can stop studying!

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been waiting for you ellie

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Mi cuerpo esta listo!!!

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Thank god!!!!!

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UUHHHH na na na NAAHH!

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My new favorite podcast!

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3 hours?! I get to have an ongoiong eargasm for 3 hours?! I need to stretch before I listen to this.

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Late night Bombcast is the best Bombcast!

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has it really been 6th months already? wow vin, congrats haha

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Still not up on iTunes:)

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God Vinny has the best stories. I want a separate podcast of him talking about fatherhood.



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Fuck yeah 3 hours 16

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Max travels hard.

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@MJones916 said:

My new favorite podcast!

NEW favorite podcast? Shit son, it's also your last favorite podcast.

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Not on iTunes yet...

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Damnit only 2 hours and 55 minutes left of work. Got no time for this!

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@MetalGearFlaccid said:

Not on iTunes yet...

RSS Isnt updated.

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Already dying with laughter at Vinny equating his son with Gollum.

SHIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAGGINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

EDIT: I share Patrick's views re: sleep and naps. Naps are the worst. Sleep is AWESOME.

Oh, another Vinny/Jeff sports Quick Look coming? Awesome! Also, don't talk mess about JB Smoove -- he's awesome on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

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Holy Crap its a looong one. Cool.

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God damn, the promise of hearing Vinny's child grow up via the podcast over the next few years is more compelling than videogames.

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Itunes please!!

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Podcast posted?!!? Why is the RSS update lagging behind?

Oh well, who cares!? PODCAST.

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15 mins in,

mannn vinny truly is the best

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yay new giantbomb!

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Ryan, please take the radio test with Vinny!

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THE RAID!!!! I was just in Japan 3 weeks ago, it was so fucking awesome.

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Looking forward to it Wizzard