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Posted by JacobBrodersen

This is such a great week ^^

Posted by Daanienator

YEAH!!! another podcast!

Posted by samcotts

Back from school at the perfect time. God I love Bombcasts!

Posted by tak

This is one awesome week! Its like getting a Christmas present every day!

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Posted by fuumo

awesome another podcast to listen to on the train

Posted by Aska

Oh great, now I have another one to listen to.  Still have to hear the two before this one!  And I'm just fine with that.

Keep up the awesome pacing guys!

Posted by m1k3

So what were these unannounced games from Sony? The only one im hearing of is that tetris-like trash game.

Posted by Scooper

How is there a game called Let's Tap and why aren't I stopping them !?

Posted by KingOfIceland

Hey, it's now actually October the 10th

Posted by myketuna

I don't know if it was intentional *with you guys being so damn crazy* but towards the end of the podcast at like 1:27:00 to like 1:27:50 there's a little hiccup in there where Jeff is talking about Castle-Castle-Castle Crashers. lmao. Again, it sounds pretty cool, but I'm not sure that's what you guys intended. It's those long Japanese nights, isn't it? Anyway, just bringing it to your guys' attention. Keep up the daily Bombcast bustin'! Loving it since I'm on break.

Posted by Hilts

Awsome. Im sitting in some hotel room along way from home on a friday night listening to the Giant Bomb cast live from TGS 2008 and Im not missing a thing. Yakuza 3 has got me oiled up for some next next gen Shenmueism.  Im always right behind Sega releases...
Where were you Vinny? We missed you man. Too much sake last night heh? I see!
Keep knocking em out.

Posted by TheHBK

Preach on guys.  Some Japanese companies have lost it and not followed the innovations in gameplay and graphics.  Crappy controls should not be kept for the sake nostalgia.  Capcom maybe one of the only ones that are actually keeping up, with maybe RE5 being a exception (still doesnt control as well as a it could!).  But they got SF4 and it has great graphics unlike other companies who can't seem to use anything but polygons and textures, not incredible lighting or bumpmaps.  I just shake my head at Bayonetta.  Oh god...

Posted by onenar

whatever happened to the 14 unannounced Sony games

Posted by StaticFalconar

Bayonetta looks so much like DMC

Posted by broqz

onenar you took the words outa my mouth.  i can only thin of like one they really even mentioned and that was Yakuza.  was hopeing i was gonna hear about some content that would work my ps3 in 09.  i mean LBP and Killzone 2 aren't enough.

Posted by yuyihin

Awesome another bombcast  !!!
Love the bombcast  ~~~

Posted by AuthenticM
Jeff: They eventually gonna be the same thing... (on the Tecmo-Koei merger)
Ryan: What do you call it?
Jeff: ...Tecmo.

Thank you Jeff, I hadn't laughed like that in a LONG while.
Posted by Aaox

One moment, I was like 'Oh, no new Bombcasts.' Now I'm like, 'Woah, too many bombcasts.'

Woah. And isn't that huge smouldering crater in Halo 3 the ruins of New Mombassa? Where the portal opens? I could be completeley misinformed.
Chances are, I probably am.
Posted by Terranova

great pod cast guys, just like to point out there is a Killzone 2 multi-player trailer on PSN, well there is on the Euro one it was released during Leipzig and looks great with cloaked snipers and air support and seems to look fine conttol and movement wise..  

Posted by mrfluke
im telling you guys that song is too awesome at the beginning i could draw a black and white picture of ryan in a suit just taking off his fedora  brad and luchadeer with the ladies and in a suit as well vinny with the dragonball z hair and you guessed it a suit that the main character in yakuza wairs and smoking a cigar  and jeff sitting on a throne of games with like 10  chains around his neck and about 10 rings on each finger looking at a game and judging it right there
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Posted by Elazul

What the hell happened to yesterday's podcast? Didn't they say that they would be doing another one this week?

Posted by samcotts

I'm with Elazul. I'm dying for another Bombcast/

Posted by duxup

Groggiest Bombcast evar.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Man im dyin for that new podcast...if its made!

Posted by Cheapoz

Wesker Puzzle League, yes!    

Posted by Milkman

10-12-08 podcast is complete and is being listened to by Ryan right now.

Posted by Media_Master

nice rap

Posted by x_beox

Why is Brad, one of the skinny guys, always the one complaining so much about being tired at trade shows?  I mean, wouldn't you think he would be in the best condition?  I always hear him moaning in the monotone voice that sometimes cracks about how tired he is.

Other than that, great coverage of TGS and awesome podcasts.  Thanks.
Posted by DRE7777

Jeff- "It's like a snake eating another snake" Ryan-"Eating a double McRib"  
Classic lol

Posted by Scrawnto
@x_beox: The guy needs his beauty sleep obviously.
Posted by Scrawnto

Rockit Lowncher!

Posted by Anwar


you replied to some dude, who made a comment 2 years before your comment, how do you like it? :P

Posted by Scrawnto

@Anwar: Whereas you replied to some dude who posted only a year and a half before you.

Posted by Kucheeky

Hello from 2012. I'm re-listening to all of these.

Posted by Grissefar

@Unenthusiastic said:

Hello from 2012. I'm re-listening to all of these.

Wow cool man, so am I.

Posted by Kucheeky

@Grissefar said:

@Unenthusiastic said:

Hello from 2012. I'm re-listening to all of these.

Wow cool man, so am I.

Awesome \o/

Posted by daltimond

Its funny to hear Ryan dismissively talk about Demon's Souls. If only he knew what it would become,

Posted by jakkblades

Its funny to hear Ryan dismissively talk about Demon's Souls. If only he knew what it would become,

Indeed. It became a game he didn't like.

Posted by Anwar

@scrawnto said:

@Anwar: Whereas you replied to some dude who posted only a year and a half before you.

And now I reply to you almost 3 years after you.