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Posted by Jolly_Lolly

sweet new bombcast :D

Posted by TimeWaffle

i wonder if they are going to do one on tuesday

Posted by Foil_Charizard

there is always one on tuesday, alllways

Posted by Milkman

That candy tasting may have been the funniest thing in Bombcast history.


Posted by dagas

You are very good at advertising. When you tested Djungel Vrål I went and bought that and now I have to buy Turkisk Peber. The factory is only a few kilometers from where I live. You are way too sensetive =P We also enjoy sweat candy, but sour candy is quite popular.

You should try more Japanese candy since you are in Japan. They have wasabi candy which you'll probably find to be worse than djungel vrål =)

Posted by ep_driver

I've been loving the Tokyo Bombcasts, fellas. I've been listening to them over the weekend as I've been preparing for a gnarly Accounting test I have tomorrow night. Thanks for helping me pull through the study sessions. Keep up the good work.

Posted by KAP151

Thanks for the bomb's first TGS, keep em coming fella's!

Posted by xhunter

i live in perris cali, there is a shakes in the town over i see commericals all the time

Posted by xhunter

the bomcast has never missed a tuesday and i dont think they would ever miss a tuesday cause if they did miss a tuesday i thik the world would end?

Posted by yuyihin

New Bombcast

Posted by vex

I totally agree with xhunter, there cannot be a tuesday (well wednesday in my case) without a bombcast.

Posted by Dekkarra

Oh man, the bombcast needs even more Swedish candy tasting!  Absolutely hilarious!

Posted by Aas

"Turkisk Peber", wouldn't that make it Danish?

Posted by JacobBrodersen

I'm from Denmark, and that candy is from Denmark =)
It means Turkish Pepper. And i love it.

Here you go... take a bag of it, crush it finely, put in a bottle of vodka, let it be for about 2 days, and every now and then shake the bottle up, after that, filter the liquid out, and drink it.
Thats a classic Danish drink.

Posted by ppallo

the company that makes the candy is finnish but the candy itself was created in denmark I think I love it one of my favorits

Posted by Railer

Come on! Tyrkisk Peber is awesome. It's also awesome to mix with vodka and let it disolve, makes for some awesome shots. On the other hand i also like Djungelvrål.

Posted by Sulaco

Have to say well done guys on the epic thoroughly detailed podcasts.  Even though there wasn't much newly announced stuff I hope you guys had a blast over there!

Posted by Venatio

I have Tyrkisk Peber in my mouth  right now, its is disgusting :)

I live in Sweden by the way

Posted by GreatDane

Year Tyrkisk Peber is the bedst.

Great in Vodka!

Posted by Tiwi

you should try "dunder salt" 
awesome taste
best salty candy ever!!

Posted by Johanz

Tyrkisk Peber, is something even I, as a swedish citizen, cannot enjoy. It's just too.. Fiery! I'm more of a sweet candy type of guy.

Posted by Death_Burnout

Man that podcast was the best of the bunch, awesome.

Posted by DavieLove
Tyrkisk peber vodka shot, mmmmmmmmmmm
Posted by RenegadeSaint

"It tastes like genocide!"

I wish we had a video of this candy tasting.  How about another round?

Posted by NinjaHunter

I love how amused Ryan is when he finds out the cheerleaders were dressed as cowgirls.

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

Great, great stuff guys. I sadly waited for this thing all weekend. Genocide must taste bad lol, thanks for making my day!

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

guys, it's a different type of chicken in japan. It's not that crazy of a concept. thats why the yolk is different

Posted by mrfluke
KEEP THE YAKUZA style intro !!!!!!!!!!!!       

other than that yeh u guys deserve the break these tokyocasts have been some of my fav bombcasts in a long while
Posted by WholeFunShow


Posted by fresh2deafbill

"it's like they filled it with poison" 

Posted by GamespotNoMore

There's so much about Japan I didn't know.

Posted by DualReaver

These bombcasts make me want to go Japan. I finally get why everyone loves it. It's just so fucking weird, it'd be crazy to see all these people. An entire section of the city devoted to nerdy stuff just amazes me. I really want to go to Tokyo now.

Posted by alexl86

I believe the candy in question was invented by a Dane, but it's now made by Fazer, which is finnish. The candy is popular in all of Scandinavia, they even made an ice cream... which coincidentally is the worst I've ever had.

Posted by Jesunjure
WHAT!? Where in the name of zombie jesus can i get Turkisk Peppar in a can? :P
Turkiskpeppar is awesome... But not as candy. Tpeppar + Vodka = Happy camper ^^
Posted by thedez

How long will these podcasts stay up?  I mean, a year from now, will I still be able to get arrow pointing down?

Posted by Lazorne

It's not that our taste buds are broken, they are just better and more used to stronger stuff. Our day begins with downing some Absolut  and a bag of Tyrkisk Peber  ;)

Posted by fuumo

I would have love to seen their faces when they ate that Swedish candy

Posted by Crashews

You should try out "Simply Apple" apple juice, sold by the 'Simply Orange Juice Company' (http://www.simplyorangejuice.com/).

(Their other juices are pretty darn good as well.)

Posted by empire_man

Wait a minute. Turkisk peber is finnish candy!

Posted by zyberbob

Tyrkisk peber, was invented by a Danish dude not swedish... Denmark is NOT sweden ;)
btw. I'am Danish if you couldn tell :)

Posted by bjorno
EVERY tuesday night.
Posted by Enyeez

Turkish Pepper is infact danish, and it's awesome!

it rarely comes in that kind of can, normally it comes in a bag, like most other sweets here.

Posted by Dryker

Good point Bjorno, they didn't quite make it this Tuesday. They've got five minutes by my reckoning, but hell, they did how many podcasts last week?

Posted by Cook66
That is not Swedish candy!! Argh!

It is in fact Danish, when did you ever see the Swedish use a b instead of two P's?

Thats right, never!

And that candy is in fact awesome in every single way.

(And just for the record, I'm not Swedish nor am I Danish.) :P

Oh ahahah love the reaction. :D "tastes like genocide" :P
Posted by Spiritof

I just finished listening to the 'Tokyo Bombcast Series' and I think you guys stumbled upon something.

The improv a capella trance music needs to be remixed and used as the show's theme. It's stunningly perfect.

Posted by FLStyle

Oh what the hell guys? I thought someone had sent me a text, but it was you with the MGS codec tone that I use! Don't distract me like that

Posted by Osiris


Posted by ProsaCC

Awesome! Turkisk Peber. What a great segment, you should keep on trying out our Scandinavian treats ;)

Posted by Juste
Posted by Karmann

Any chances of a Wednesday podcast...? Yeah I didn't think so, but here's hoping. All those podcasts in a row have spoiled me rotten.

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