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Posted by Nonethewiser

OK so has anyone figured out which NBA player John sent Mr Hands to?
Posted by FireBurger

Haha, as Vinny said "hundreds of users are typing this in on Google right now...," I had just typed it in.

Posted by NarcolepticBat

Man, i forget which one but suuupppperrrr canadian. LOVE ITTTTT

Posted by Gregomasta
@Dany said:
" @Gregomasta said:
" @PolyesterPimp said:
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 @Ryan, @Jeff, @Vinny, and @Brad (Dave and Drew?): ...you have opened my eyes to the hands behind these companies they have worked for. I no longer consider them just names on credits and the like. I now root for them on every project they take up, and hope it does well.
In short: Thank you!
PS: I'm not sucking up (I hope), I'm just being honest. I haven't actually hung out of any videogame media site (Videos, Podcasts, etc.) until now.
Now, I'm done. Until next Bombcast.

Posted by dagas

The game I would take with me to a deserted island would not be the same game I consider to be my favorite. Because on an island the game has to be great even after thousands of hours. The game I would take with me to an island would be Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun from the people who made Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron. Victoria is their deepest game and it took me probably 30h just to learn the basics of that game. You can play over and over again and it will be different every time.

Posted by RipTheVeins

Man, this was an awesome bombcast.  It's gotta be in my top 3, despite my ignorance about the guests.. 

Posted by bigall94

Damn..I love Bombcasts with guests. This was absolutely hilarious. I remember hearing about John V. before this podcast, but I think it was just in passing and I remember thinknig his last name was (and is) awesome. And you guys should stop hating, Ryan is breathing hard because he's pretty much laughing for two hours straight. Try breathing normally while hanging with John V. sometime.
Posted by Gamer_152

This was an awesome Bombcast. It was funny and clever all the way through and John Vignocchi's anecdotes were legendary.

Posted by Tubatic

Re: Scribblenauts- I wish I had a better answer, but priests float in lava.
Don't judge me.
Awesome show so far, half way through!

Posted by MeatSim

Adam Boyes and John Vignocchi need to come back sometime for another bombcast because that was just classic.

Posted by Luthorcrow

Pound for pound those were your best guest show yet.  They kinda took over the show at some points but all of the tangents were pure gold so it was all good.  GREAT SHOW!

Posted by KimFidler

"Oh damn I love white girls." 
One of my favorite episodes of the Bombcast yet.  Actually LOL'd at some moments while driving to work today.

Posted by ATalkingDog

And its got PONG!

Posted by DemonLeo

Callin it, best Bombcast ever. Right here.

Posted by Undeadpool

This shit is OFF THE DAMN RAILS.

So damn funny.

Posted by MasturbatingBear

best episode  

Posted by golguin

That Johnny V guy is freaking hilarious.  Those were some great stories with Adam and just great chemistry with everyone in the room..  But yeah, I think I'm calling it.  Best bombcast ever.

Posted by RenegadeSaint

Crazy Bombcast.  A lot of fun and a lot of laughs.

Posted by Figcoinc

Oh man, this bombcast is a clusterfuck.  Hahaha

Posted by supalink

very amusing bombcast, and lol @ mentioning again vinny's digust for Saw in the QL

Posted by eisenhorn2k7

Could not study while listening to this bombcast, this bombcast could possibly one of the funniest things EVER!

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Could not listen... the guests so so anoying: borat impessions, danana da na all the fucking time, oh man crazy partysss 
looking forward to next week without the super old frat boys.

Posted by wwfundertaker

It was probably the funniest podcast ive listened to in a long time, hope Johnny V gets a job soon. Bring those guys back on another podcast soon :)

Posted by eduardo

Great, great podcast. Hats off. :D

Posted by Imensae

You really need to hire Johnny V and then hire someone else to write down everything he says.

Posted by jk80

Sorry but I didn't enjoy this podcast much at all. Whenever guests are on it dilutes what, for me, is the best thing about the Bombcast, the interplay between the main quartet. John V was particularly annoying, rambling incessantly despite Ryan's heroic efforts to keep things on track, and with constant hyena laughter at anything he says in the background. It looks like I'm in a minority though judging by the comments here, but it annoyed me so much I had to come on and say.

Posted by WindFall259

Great Bombcast, but you might wanna take care of the dude that's been breathing into his mike with his squeaky nose this whole damn time. Quite distracting, actually.

Posted by kidko

I'm surprised so many people thought the guests were so funny. I feel like a cranky old man for being totally bored and annoyed by them. Their stories were weak even though they were always built up to be something crazy.
All i wanted was my good ol' Bombcast to make it through the week but no...

Posted by Falcoski

Yo, this bombcast was great, I liked the guests. It was something different that was hilarious but not really informative...just a bunch of funny anecdotes...which were funny as hell.

Posted by Ordo
@kidko: ok..... guess....you......should......leave the site
Posted by kidko
@Ordo said:
" @kidko: ok..... guess....you......should......leave the site "
Thanks but I'll just watch out for that Johnny V guy
Posted by spiceninja

I'm pretty sure the Ice Flower was in Mario Galaxy.

Posted by Troispoint
Wait, whats not awesome about all those things? It was a hilarious bombcast.
Posted by da5id
@jk80: haha you said heroic efforts
Posted by Apathylad

I personally found the tangents a little distracting. As soon as Marvel Ultimate Alliance was brought up, the conversation transitioned to some Bestbuy story. Podcast improved as it went on though.

Posted by RipTheVeins
@kidko: what do you expect when the first sound out of the man's mouth was a fart-noise?
Posted by kiopl

this podcast is awesome
Posted by PureRok
@Nayson said:
" Dogging is the practice of  organised (but secret) orgies in public places.  It generally takes place in the kind of places you always see couples make out in cars in movies set in the 1950s, ie places you need a vehicle to get to where there is generally a lack of street lighting. Dogging is nowhere near as great as it first sounds either. Its popular with bored couples in their 30's and 40's, and famous for having twice as many males as females turn up. But hey, if you like the idea of being the third person in the last half hour to have sex with a fat, bored housewife while six other men watch and masturbate or you just want to get the full value out of your Modern Warfare 2 Night Vision Goggles then I know of a great little place outside of Aylesbury... "
Posted by JRock3x8

it was good to hear the story of midway from the inside.
curious to know the future of video game development in chicago though.  

  • Midway is now being run by a non-Chicago entity
  • Day 1 Studios hasn't had a hit since Mech Assault 1 / Crimson Skies
  • EA Chicago closed in 2007
  • Wideload Games was promising but now it sounds like Seropian will be running Disney Games - can't imagine that will be Chicago - based.
It's just sad for me personally as someone who grew up in Chicago to see the local scene just kind of dying a long, slow death.  I'm a Finance guy and I somehow always dreamed that a video game company would get big enough in Chicago for me to have a job there.  That doesn't seem all that likely anymore.
Posted by Valkyr

Ryan was a bit impolite at some spots when the guests started going bananas with their personal stuff

Posted by MmmSkyscraper

Most of the guests are great. JV dominated the show though, interrupting people and talking way too much (most of which was irrelevant). It reminded me of that trade show Bombcast which went tits up. I look forward to next week's where we can hear from the guys about GAMES and all that jazz.

Posted by TwoOneFive

lol mr hands. thanks guys i totally needed to see that. damn you curiosity DAMN YOU

Posted by Artimisticus

Really have no complaints about this podcast. Thought both John V and Adam were hilarious! but overall the podcast was still good as always.

Posted by SlantedRoom

this is a GREAT bombcast. 
good job guess, keep up the great work
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Oh man this was a much needed overdose on humour i needed. Thanks, 
Adam Boyes, John Vignocchi and Giantbomb crew for making one of the best bombcasts ever. 
and boo for the haters, i liked the style of how Johnny V told his stories. That kind of storytelling with Johnny V's crazy exciting telling made me just laugh outloud and Adam played the straight-man sidekick good. They make a good comedy duo those two.  But i must say perhaps he was given a little too much space? But that's more of a problem of how the show is structured than Johnny, because he was needed today. 
I find the regular bombcasts too drawn out, heck even themselves find them too long so they have to make pauses and everything. They should limit it to a one hour show and only draging out when necessary, don't want stories to be cut short or making something special. So it actually feel like it's something special "Oh man this week it's extra long! EXCITED!". Also I kinda want that perhaps once a month there is guests on the show. Everything from Drew, Dave to people of the past and other game journalists or like game developers like today. but the formula need to be a little stricter a good mix of game content and humour. 

Posted by Evilsbane

That is weird I never heard this strange breathing thing.

Posted by jonostarsmore
@Scottish_Sin said:
" @DavidSnakes said:
" Feel free to not have John Vignocci on the podcast ever again.  He's basically that guy with a million tired, "Remember that one time..."  stories and holy shit is he annoying "
I love the Bombcast, but I have to agree with you. This guy was extremely annoying. I don't mind having guests on the show along with the regular crew, but when they take over the entire show and hardly let anyone else get a word in, it gets real tedious real fast, no matter if some of his stories are funny or not.  It sounded to me like Ryan was also getting pretty irrated by the end when he kept on derailing the topics at hand. "
Agreed. I didn't finish the podcast because I missed the core segments of the show due to constant side stories.
Posted by Reuptake

Wow - a 40 minute bombcast.

Posted by FireBurger

Didn't like this Bombcast. Good luck to John V. finding a job, though.