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From the future.

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So early!

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Jeff Gerstmann is unstoppable.

Posted by kineticflow

Hey everyone it's... Tuesday?

Posted by joshthebear

Sooooo early.

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Posted by Barrabas

I suppose starting to listen to the bombcast at 2:45 in the morning would probably be a bad idea.

Posted by Nev

So glad to see this so early.

Posted by Stimpack

You're a mad man, Gerstmann. A renegade!

Posted by Yavin343

Early bombcast is the best bombcast.

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Dota 2: follow the money.

Posted by Hayt

Nice subtle mindpoison, Gerstmann

Posted by Turambar

I'm not sure how I feel about these Monday bombcasts.

Posted by Tebbit

Something is Definitely Odd abouT thAt title. I really like the film die hard 2.

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In my country, it is Tuesday.

Posted by mbkish

Let's get it on!

Posted by Azurath

Excuse me?

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What what whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Hey everybody, it's barely Tuesday!

Posted by tsutohiro

The earliest of casts!

Posted by Godlyawesomeguy

Hey everybody, it's Mooonndaaaay?

Posted by Vuud

But but but... It's still monday!!!

Posted by Awcko

It's early Tuesday in Canada, so it's good enough for me!

Posted by Weatherall

Coming to you live from a different time zone! Hot damn, earliest.

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It's 11:53pm, Monday. I feel like I should wait 7 minutes before listening to this.

Edit: I didn't wait.

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Slow it down Jeff


Jeff, if you didn't drive to a different time zone to make sure you didn't put this out before Tuesday, I don't know how I will react. I need to sit down.

Posted by Aniawn

Alright! Another early Bombcast!

Posted by MC_Hify

Hey everybody! It's...Monday?

Posted by Ben_H

50 minutes off still being Monday.

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Oh man, sadly I cracked that code.

Posted by bigmess

what is wrong with you people

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Two straight weeks of super fucking early casts?

Guess there's nothing to do but fall asleep listening to it, and then actually listen to it tomorrow.

Posted by ShaggE

Loving these super-early Bombcasts, despite them toeing the Tuesday line. A great treat for us insomniacs.

Posted by BBQBram

Great, now I can't go to bed yet.

Posted by ReTarDedFisHy

Best Bombcast description yet.

Posted by tsutohiro

@bbqbram said:

Great, now I can't go to bed yet.

Yeah. I'm just gonna use it as an excuse to have a few more beers and wake-up late.

Bombcasts are pipe dope.

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Why do i have the sudden urge to play Dota 2?!?!?!

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seriously, though, don't joke about pipe dope

Posted by Suits

Yeah, waking up with the cast

Posted by JJWeatherman

Great deck. There's something about referring to the other members of the Bombcast as "the team" that is super hilarious to me.

Posted by JasonMrazMtaz

I love the Postman. I am so happy about this.

Posted by Castiel

I see what you did with the random capital letters.

Posted by afabs515

Did I miss something? Holy super fucking earlycast

Posted by BaconGames

Jeff is really starting to outdo himself with these decks. Next shit.

Posted by Cold_Wolven

Gosh I'm loving these early bombcasts, still technically Tuesday where I am.

Posted by Flappy

I smell DOTA