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Something to listen to while I install my shiny, new SSD.

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シーシーレモン all night every night.

Posted by Riotisonfire

oh snap! C.C. lemon!

Posted by Orange_Tory

Yay! Podcastification.


Remember Team Brad

Posted by MooseyMcMan


Posted by Matthew

no ryan - THANK GOD

Posted by Ghost_of_Perdition

NintenDownload X-press is here!

Posted by ConstantineL

Command Center Lemon will do sir.

Posted by clumsyninja1

the TRAIN is leaving....

Posted by NekuSakuraba

Bombcast time! :D

Posted by AuthenticM

Boom !

Posted by RedSox8933

@Matthew: Really?

Posted by Tesla

Hello, bombcast.

Posted by hughesie27


Posted by iAmJohn

Fuck man, I could really go for some CC Lemon right now.

Posted by SgtSphynx

Woo Bombcast!

Posted by Beanz122

I am a Bombcast. Are you a Bombcast?

Posted by Jolt92

I'll listen to X in 10 while I wait for the bombcast to show up in Instacast.

Posted by OleMarthin

if brad ends up making a save, he should film it:P and put it on the site

Posted by Phatmac


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Posted by MjHealy

I still haven't put in Dishonored yet a wild Bombcast appears.

Posted by SandwichApoc

Oh why is my iTunes feed not fetching the podcast?

Posted by VoshiNova

fuck yea

Posted by FlyBikes06


Posted by Encephalon

Get on it, Brad!

Or don't. Whatever.

Posted by MarkWahlberg

@Encephalon said:

Get on it, Brad!

Or don't. Whatever.

Finish the Fight, if you feel up to it.

Posted by namesonkel

Bombcasticus maximus.

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to spot enemies in xcom without giving them a first move you can use the ghost suit or the snipers recon grenade. confirmed

Posted by spankingaddict

3 hours of Bombcast with Jeff as host ! This is an early Christmas present .

Posted by DrWhat

Will this cure my XCOM PTSD? Probably not! Time to hit the play button and find out.

Posted by august

itunes/rss isn't updating.

Posted by zombie2011

Sweet, need something to listen to while i play through True Vault Hunter Mode.

Posted by mnzy

Yay, Jeffcast.

Posted by Zawa

New Bombcast! A reason not to sleep.

Posted by dangeRUSS04

get it on itunes

Posted by Aegon

Pooper looper.

Posted by EndlessObsidian

Hate to be a nag but is the RSS not working for anyone else as well?

Posted by louiedog

@EndlessObsidian said:

Hate to be a nag but is the RSS not working for anyone else as well?

RSS has been delayed for the last three weeks. Maybe more. It's a bummer. I'm cooking dinner and would like to listen to it in the kitchen more easily.

Posted by RedSox8933

RSS is updated.

Posted by Tyrax

I am sad there is no Ryan on the show, he is a funny guy

Posted by Phoenix87

Jeffcasts are my favorite.

Posted by Pr1mus

What the hell. Jeffcast and no old bombcast music!

What gives!?

Posted by Yanngc33

Early Bombcast (sort of) :D

Posted by Kingyo

Wait, Ryan's been taken out of commission...?

Posted by SushiNao

More like Giant Xcomcast! I have to pick this game up.

Posted by JZ

Vinny is playing ironman and doesn't know it.

Posted by SpaceRunaway

C.C. Lemon has too much lemon.  *ducks*