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No woop or doop, link's broken :(

Okay, it works now. yoop!

Pretty pumped, looks like a good one. I'm not sure if I want to listen to the Batman stuff, I intend on playing that at some point.

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NOOOO! Goddang. 
EDIT: I mean... soop?

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yay! i wanna batman batman batman shirt.

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Dammit damit dammit

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hey , am ...maybe 17th ?

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YEAH!!! I was getting worried, Wanted to listen to this on the drive home!

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I wonder if Patrick's video will be discussed? Hrm...

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Can't wait for Skyrim

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i really wish they would just start saying this is coming out on Wednesdays. I'm sick of going all day at work on Tuesdays with no bombcrew when ive been told it will be out on Tuesday.

and yes i know it technically is. i'm saying "lie to me bombsquad".

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there. i said it!

woohoo bombcast.

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HOORAY! I get to listen to the Bombcast fresh AND get a somewhat acceptable amount of sleep!

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I'm Batman.

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the Bombcast is here!!

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Balls! Not fast enough :( But yay Bombcast! :D

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@Milkman said:

I'm Batman.

No you're Milkman. (hehe)

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@Milkman: I'm Batman

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Damn you guys are fast!

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Batman cubed

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Dammit damit dammit



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Transformers 4: Oh Shit, Her Butt's a Robot

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Needs more batmen.

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"I'm Batman."

"No, I'm Batman."

More copy cats tonight, Alfred. Can't they see? I am the Batman.

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Ahhhh... Park Chan-wook did not do I Saw The Devil. Perhaps inspired by Park though.

Head meltingggg..... No problem, just glad some Korean film got a shout out. Thirst, probably wook's worst movie.

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Err'body, it's TUESDAY.

Actually, it's wednesday in the U.K.

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Yeah! Kinda early this week. But we all know Batman is the only thing with discussion.

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Russian Martian Batman™ is my favorite batman

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Re: Captain Power, I believe JMS of Babylon 5 fame wrote for it (and The Real Ghostbusters). Babylon 5 I believe actually gets a mention as a colony.

Also, once again go Vinny! Busting out the Photon reference.

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Woop, new Bombcast.

Perfect for the college commute.

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First time I saw the new podcast first in my RSS feed. Must finish watching #cnndebate - they might fight each other tonight, ... or at least Harbaugh handshake each other.

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The fist Transformers movie is very watchable and in my opinion very good , the other 2 total crap.

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This didn't show up in the podcast tab, like it normally does.

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The fist Transformers movie is very watchable and in my opinion very good , the other 2 total crap.

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I'm super excited to see how dumb this toy/online game thing gets.

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@supercubedude said:

Transformers 4: Oh Shit, Her Butt's a RobotIron Brigade.

Duder, please. It's a story about love.

@huser: You are correct sir. JMS and Captain Power go way back as Executive Story Editor for a season. Also, the Russian Chief who leads the singing at the start of Hunt for Red October? Tank Ellis in Captain Power. He's a great Dane.

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No Professor Layton discussion? I guess it didn't come out a little too close to the bombcast. I hope Vinny gives that game a shout out next week though!

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More talk about gold hoarding dragons.

Guillaume must be near...

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gotta get me some skylanders

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Chop-Chop indeed

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A couple seconds of the Max Payne 3 discussion made me think of XIII for no good reason...

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Thirst is great.

Still not as good as oldboy but I enjoyed it :D