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Video games!

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Hell yeah video games.

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EXCLUSIVE ADDLESS aka people who bothered to click premuim podcast CLUB

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I almost want to hear the crews announcer voice on the ads. Good advertising.

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F yeah nudity!

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@jjor64 said:

Video games!

What is that?

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Sweet release

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I don't really mind the ads.. Not enough to have to download a separate feed and resync my phone..

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So exclusive.

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No rabble welcome!

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Thirteenth Comment

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Seems like most people enjoy ads.

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I loaded up the non-premium one by accident and was really confused by the super enthusiastic ad.

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Does any one know when The Powerbomcast is going up?

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@time_lord: Alex tweeted that the recording's been delayed by Halloween.

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@time_lord: Alex tweeted that the recording's been delayed by Halloween.

I need my fix lol. At this point its kind of ridiculous how many pod casts the guys put out each month.

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Vinny > Jeff for hosting

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Not sure if you're aware, but check out Lars von Trier's Antichrist if you want to see an arthouse movie featuring William Dafoe in a full on porn scene, penetration and all. I don't want to spoil anything, but at the end his testicles may or may not get smashed with a log causing him to ejaculate blood.

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@cynic04: you sir are a saddistic GOD.

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BRAD. WORD ON THE MX518. I went to the rat 7 but shiiiit..... mx518... made me the man you see today.