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omfg no wai

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Aww...I was close.

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no u werent nub

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WOOO! They should change it to "Blowin' up every Tuesday night/Wednesday morning"

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been waiting for this YES!!

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w00t!  It's up!

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Awesome, can't wait to listen. I'm sure it's good as always!

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YAY! 2

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And I was just about to got to sleep. Guess not anymore. Bombcast!

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Hurray for the Bombcast. It gives me something to listen to while making a study guide for my accounting test!

Milkman's profile pic is weird and lame.

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Wooot!!! ( ^__^)b

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Finally, these guys are like jesus in sandwich form.

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not on itunes yet?

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"took a bolt action rifle shot, center mass"


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lol im tired going to bed
listen to most of it though good stuff
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When you guys were talking about the used game market, I heard someone say that gamemakers aren't making games good enough to keep for a long time. When I thought about the conundrum, I came up with the same conclusion that the better the games are, the more likely people are to buy them, but the problem arises of splitting games into the must-buys and no-buys, which would be a very destructive situation for the industry, since some developers are incapable of making perfect games, but are worth playing through, if only once (I.E. Dark Sector). Where do we go from here, then?

I'm thinking that if companies released two versions: a $30 version that you're not allowed to sell back (a one-time verification check?), and a $60 version that you own, that you could do anything with. Then they'd sell more games (theoretically). What do you think?

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Awesome, something to listen to during the long drive to campus.  You guys rock.

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hmm, less than 2 hours,  it's ok, normal length,  but I guess we've been spoiled length-wise, I was kind of left wanting for more. Yeah I know, nag nag. Anyway, great podcast, Awesome, as always.

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noah heller bit was the hilite of the podcast

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I know what you did last Summerslam.

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Pocky for the win!

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I can feel 3 stars for Mirrors Edge, I hope I dont feel the same way about the story like Ryan did

But whatever, Im gonna get it

Its good that they can ship Giant Bomb merchandise to Sweden, I live in sweden and I want a GiantBomb Hoodie

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My Wednesday morning tradition can now begin.  Giant Bombcast and software debugging!

Rock on gents!

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Just to let you guys know, I did receive my download code for Rock Band 2 (360) last week.  I don't know if they just sent a few out, or what the deal is.

Also, thanks for showing appreciation to our veterans.

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You guys ROCK!!! :D

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Yes, you heard it here first!  Resistance 2 made Jeff physically ill!

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Thumbs up for the ronaldjenkees reference!


ps3 for x-mas wooot!

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On the LBP moderations tip, less than 1% of the levels in the game have been taken down for any reason (including copyright infringements and explicit content) and many of the levels specifically said to have been taken down during this podcast are fully playable right now. It sounds like maybe you guys were experiencing some server errors or something. 

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I can see why a guy from Infinity Ward would be frustrated.

IW creates awesome games with innovative presentation and tight design... and a bunch of code monkeys, set to work by a money-hungry publisher, take all of your ideas and repackage them (in the case of COD3, repackage them poorly), and have a guy from this publisher claim that these reheated leftovers are better than the original dish!

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I just want to say thank you all Giant Bomb crew for this incredible Pod Cast .

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Did it occur to Japanese sensitives regarding Fallout 3's  nuclear bomb quest that a part of WASHINGTON D.C. was being blown up?! Seems prid pro quo to me! :)

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As always a great bombcast! Trying to stop or cut down second hand/used games is difficult and will only push people into copying games, perhaps companies should look at that more. 

So Call of Duty: World at War is out now but I wonder if we will ever see any World War I games out soon? I've only heard of one so far.

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Hey Giantbomb team,

Your other bombcast links are broken. All of them appear to be playing the most recent bombcast. Please fix the problem. 

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Is there anyway you could put the Bombcast theme mp3 up on the site?

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I quite like SDvR 2009. I did take it back to the store today to get credit for a better game, but I'm really considering holding on to next year's wrestling game. When you get pretty far in the career mode, like say competing for the WWE Championship, it can get quite challenging. Then you find that getting beat up is a lot less fun than kicking the tar out of the computer for five minutes, because in a wrestling game when you're losing you aren't even playing a game. It's not like a normal fighting game where you get straight back up; you have to look at your guy lieing there on his back and wonder when you'll get an opportunity to be in control of the match again.

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Hey,  Brad! Hook me up with some of that soup!

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New Podcast tonight, huzahs are in order gentlemen.

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This is the only part of the Podcast I hate.... being on the east coat.... getting kinda late. Who am I kidding I'd be up anyway.

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C'mon Jeff if all you do is stomp a hole and do your finisher 3 times, then what kind of life are you leading? be creative!

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Wow! This is the best Bombcast I've heard.

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Oh Fallout 3, someday I will finish this game... Too many new games and it always is last on my list