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woah, this is up early. awesome.

edit: not showing up in iTunes, just a heads up

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sweet, its up early!

Posted by Daveyo520

WOW, its up early.

Posted by Lies

Snide AND Alex?! Amazing.

Posted by WholeFunShow

MAN THAT'S EARLY!!! WOOH!!! Finally a break from L4D then.

Posted by Meltbrain

Early bombcast! Don't hit me!

Posted by Ben_H

Yay!  Alex!

Posted by Dpower94

Alex! Good to have the gamespot crew back again...

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Another great podcast

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Haha wow Dave and Alex? nice, thats something that wouldnt normally happen, glad it did though, i didnt realise Jeff was on his own, i knew it was Thanksgiving but i didnt know that much, makes this podcast feel really cosey like the old days.

Hurray my e-mail didnt get read!

Oh Man the thought of Vinny and Brad on vacation together, that made me laugh hard. And Jeff said Mad Viscus! awesome!

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cant wait to listen

Posted by Cheapoz

So, why didn't Jeff explain where everyone else is?

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That's early. Nice, now Ihave something to take in bed with me instead of something to wake up to :)

Posted by WholeFunShow

I'm never not calling this place snakesnakesnake.com again.

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To Brits:
You can get Banjo-Kazooie for just £30 at Play.com.
I don't know if every other retailer is charging full price...

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I missed Carrie? :(

Edit: Misunderstood, you wuz talking about Xbox. You didn't make that clear.
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It's up early! Thank you!

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How the hell did you guys get Alex on here? Whatevs, I won't complain. By the way, tell Alex to update his motherfucking blog with some more god damn music updates.

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is it just me or is there an echo in the podcast this time?

Posted by IshimuraD

Yeah I can hear an echo in it too, thought I was just imagining things or my headphones were busted...it makes Jeff sound magical.
More so than usual I mean.

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Is that what happens when Dave dies, he just goes into a white room and plays Zombies ate my Neighbors for eternity? 

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The reason for Legendary for being a game "to watch out for" is because there are griffins in the game.

Griffins are a mix between birds and lions. 

Obviously, Legendary promotes cross-species beastiality.

Did anyone propose GameTerrorist or something cotroversial? Maybe Osama bin Bombcast? HusseinGame? IraqFaqs? Tank Tread Reviews?
Posted by Meltbrain

Yeah theres a slight echo in this bombcast.

Thanks for that info about Banjo, Bo17, I'm gonna get that I think.

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gamemountain.com ....:P wow :P

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I wish Xbox will come out with the DLC of F-U uno.That sound mad fun.

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What the fuck were you guys thinking?!?! SnakeSnakeSnake .com was obviously the way to go~!

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Loved this week's bombcast, freshened things up, looking forward to the return of the full team next week.

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Were they talking about a Mirror's Edge style Little Big Planet level transfer system?

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Looks like I'll be playing "Fuck you! Uno" later on tomorrow.

Posted by ashton

wow that was one of the funniest bombcasts yet!!!
gotta love giantbomb

Posted by HiImMikeCruz

craaaaaaaaaazy echo on jeff's mic

Posted by daniel_beck_90

Amazing as always
keep up the good work Giant Bomb

Posted by Moeez

I heard over at 1up yours, that you guys are trying to downplay LittleBigPlanet. Is it this episode you guys do that, I'd like to hear...

Posted by xplodedd

Its kinda weird.. the bombcast is somewhat falling short.

Posted by GleasonRyan

all of the bombcasts are linking to 11-25-08

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"I'm signaling the Chinese to attack." Hahaha

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great podcast boys.

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OH SNAP! I just listened to the 1up yours podcast, and they totally went after Giant Bomb! "whatever, those haters can just go on playing with you're in the movies" OH NO THEY DIDN'T!!! <--(just in case you have no since of humor whatsoever, I'm kidding)(although they totally did though)

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Hey Jeff ,Can I have your broken 360 controller?

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Nobody wants to play Fuck-You Uno with me. :(

Posted by Tuggah

not on itunes :( my friend kept telling me to listen to this one but I could never find it.

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awesome ending! XD 
i dont know where i am :[

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Fucking hilarious!
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Fuck You UNO should be a playable variant