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Bombin' in the PM!

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Podcast from the future?

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Get Bent

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Xbox Turn Off.... Yes

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All aboaaaaard

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Yes please.

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Future bombcast?

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It's a Thanksgiving Miracle! Future Bombcast!

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Personacast!! :D

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November 29th?

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Today is the 26th, not 29th.

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That date....and Persona!

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Charlie Tanoku is BACK...

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It's Tuesday!

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I can't find the DOTA in the DESCRIPTION.

I can't find the DOTASCRIPTION.

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mmmhhhhh Persona

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Ever since the announcement of the new Persona games, I've started to rewatch the ER. Good times.

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yess BOMBCAST!!!!

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I'm rewatching the Persona 4 ER right now!

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Jeff, I'm right with you from the very beginning. I want a fucking phone that CAN"T take calls or voicemails.

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Butt pirate?

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Yip. Yip.

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So, what's going on with the Premium Bombcast?

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Spring Breakers is pretty OK.

EDIT: "Snappable" is going to become an actual term to describe movies and stuff, isn't it?

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Just finished last week's.

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woot it's black friday?

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Unsubscribe! So sad that they stopped talking about DOTA 2 (real vidjagames) and turned to whatever the hell this is. /s

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I can't find the DOTA in the DESCRIPTION.

I can't find the DOTASCRIPTION.

Maybe it's hidden in the image!

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Oh hey.

I got confused when I saw my avatar on the front page

Edit: Brad doesn't know what he's talking about. He didn't know original Chie. I mean, new Chie is good, but...

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3h28cast. Woooo.

Those scammers called me twice. I went along with them making me click to my security log where they wanted to scare me with all those "red dots". I laughed them down telling them they were a scam. The guys started cursing at me. Precious moments. I LOVE taking scammers on a ride thinking they have a fish and then calling them out. If I'm not in the mood, I tell them they have a wrong number.

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@michigan_jack said:

So, what's going on with the Premium Bombcast?

They only made those ad free versions (for premium members) when they had those "Square Space" sponsorship moments. There are no ads now, so no "premium" versions.

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Since I've seen the Persona news, all I want to hear is this podcast!

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Spring Break forever yall!

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Spring Breakers really is amazing.