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Haha the Your in the Movies announcer parts are hilarious.

I was asking myself "anymore Xzibit?" and then Jeff totally asked the same question. I don't know what Brad is on about, Far Cry 2 was Fun from the start!

That Xbox live party still sounds like heaven.

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Hey, NICE!!! Its up a little earlier this time. Thanks guys!!!

Posted by Joey2683

I better not hear Informer in this podcast...

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haha ryan your impressions left me cracking up this whole podcast. your vin diesel rocked, but the one from the Your in the movies was flawless. and tyrece...

Posted by JJOR64

Podcast party at my house!    lol

Posted by bistromathics

yes bojangles represent

Posted by onenar

Blitz on the 64 was "DA BOMB"

Posted by wrecks

ahhhh. my tuesday is complete.

Posted by ch3burashka

Step 1: Buy 100,000 dollars worth of Midway stock

Step 2: ???
Step 3: Profit
Posted by Bertmasta

sweet, cant wait for anime vice, be sure to post something on the site when its ready ;)

Posted by PapaLazarou

I think he'll get Midway to make an mmorpg because even and EQ2 has made more than 150 million so you only really need a semi succesful mmorpg to make the money back. Then you slap on micro transactions like a trading card game which comes with loot cards so people spend $400 to try and get all the loot cards lol.

So MK vs DC Universe partnership between Midway and SOE lol.

Posted by ProfessorEss

I know Vinnie will probably never see this but if ya do...

I built an engineless powerless ball out of heavy body pieces, just a ball with a seat in the middle.
Jumped out, carried it too the edge of the ramp, jumped in and rolled to Trophy victory :)

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Awesome podcast guys thanks for /sorta/ answering my question.

Posted by GalvanizedNails

Thanks for the Zune guys! This was probaly one of the best podcasts you have all done in awhile, not just because I won the contest though

Posted by yellownumber5

Thank god I started a pizza cooking at the beginning of this cast.  You started getting all White Castle right before I pulled it out of the oven and was getting HUNGRY.  I could imagine what Vinny could cook up having you guys doing a video spoof of Harold and Kumar, and its you guys finding the Chic-fil-a instead.

I think you guys should get some more of your staff to do some reviews, kind of like what you did with Warhammer Online.  You guys are too busy and missing out on so many good games.

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W'ell re-learn you Brad? LMAO

Good broadcast. I was the one that POSTED the Jade costume!

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Re: selling off Midway piecemeal (~1:00:00 mark)

Interplay sold the Fallout license to Bethesda for less than $6 million. (source)

Posted by ChosenGoon87

Great show guys , keep up tha HEAT!

Posted by elektrixx

Was that Game Scoop! Superfan Luke Winky?

He's taking over the world!

Posted by ep_driver

Dan Akroyd is a capitalist...but he's talking about spiritualism like a hippie. Capitalist, hippie, capitalist, hippie. You make up your mind, but I'm pretty sure we'll all agree that this almost seems like a joke:


Nice Snow-Informer pic GB, it brings me back.

Posted by salavaster

Awesome mad long podcast! Only just finished listening to it since Tuesday. Good job guys!

Posted by BranDong

i fuckin love u guys

Posted by TwoOneFive

sorry but, as much as i think the new banjo game was cool, ya know good graphics, great writing, but its not a platformer, and its missions are seriously lame. the humor isn't enough to keep me in. 

i think the original is a classic platform. an excellent game that was very well designed.
rare can suck a big one if that think it sucks. mario galaxy was amazing. this new banjo crapped on the old one and i disliked it. 

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you guys need to get some crystal head vodka as a drink taste test one day. im thinking about buying this for someone for christmas, maybe two, one for myself lol. the bottle looks kick ass, and the the vodka itself sounds excellent.

btw you guys did like play mirrors edge right, theres a lot of timing things in that game. 

uncharted 2 trailer is real-time, i thought that was pretty obvious the first time i saw it. 
Posted by FlappyHands

Looking forward to seeing Ryan on bonus round, but dude, why are the gametrailers users (namely the ones who comment on the bonus round) complete fucking morons? Some of them put forward reasonable opinions but at least half of the time some of the shit coming out from peoples keyboards is totally stupid.

Apologies for the rant, but dude.

Posted by regularassmilk

Spraynard Krueger!!!
Nice Tim and Eric reference!

Happy birthday spray,
I'm disappointed in you!

Posted by Cult_of_Cthulhu

Only just found you and have been dowloading the back catalouge of podcasts, glad to see the gang back together, even my wife was happy to hear you blarting out around the house as I went about my chores.

Posted by redgauss

I second PoP review tonight!1!!1

Posted by Death_Burnout

Well i might as well stop waiting for the next podcast and go to bed, but damn i hate it when i come back in the morning and it's commented to shit.

Posted by FlappyHands

I hear ya, Death_Burnout.

Posted by Sephiroth9997

Oh wow, is there no podcast this week?

Posted by TomServo

come on, new podcast!!!

Posted by Hef

Already finished the new hotspot podcast. Come on boys, i wanna start on the good one before i go to bed.

Posted by WholeFunShow

Going to bed in tears :(

Posted by toxicEnchiliada
Posted by Charon

WTF, I want podacst!

Posted by Junpei

thankfully I'm done with school for the semester, nearly quarter after 1 here on the east coast and I want my podcast.

Posted by Roger_Klotz

Is there going to be no podcast tonight. :( My tuesday sucked!

Posted by Monty344

 Under Brad's images there is a podcast image, so hopefully it will be tonight.

Posted by Kinarion

I need to work, gadurnit!  I've cleaned, flossed, defragged, and had a smoke.  Only the bombcast is missing from my procrastination routine!  At this rate the world will never have the priviledge of learning about the history of Scientology's anti-psychiatry bent.

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Girl i've been hurt now i need another lover!  You are no gooood.

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