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hello bombcast. could you point me towards the Texas toast chatroom?

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I need this in my veins

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I can't wait for this to hit iTunes.

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It's here! Vinny's back!

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It usually doesn't take this long for a flood of 20-30 comments to come in. 

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Wow, that's early.

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Can't believe it is this early, usually I wait to listen at work tomorrow morning but I gotta listen today if I have the opportunity

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Vinny on this? No cares!

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Early! We in a different timezone (Europe) thank you! :)

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@Piot said:

Early! We in a different timezone (Europe) thank you! :)


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Hella early bombcast, y'all!

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everyone played saints row!? then where will I go to hear people saying "play saints row"

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This just made me happy! Early Bombcast AND Vinny!

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3 hour bombcast, that's early AND contains a Vinny? Is it Christmas already?

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WOOOOO! Who needs to study when I have the bombcast.

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Vinny is back! All is well in the world again.

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Holy fuck this is early! Like 4 hours earlier that usual! This is better than xmas!

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You should play saints row. Best use of Kanye West's Power in a game.

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Perfect, Bombcast right in time to distract me from my 8 page essay on Shakespeare that's due in 3 hours.

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Bauu-ba-naka-nak-nauu. Too-too-to-do-doo-dot-doo-dot.

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Yay, Vinny!

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Seems kind of early in the day. I approve.

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Oh man, a Bombcast being uploaded when it's still tuesday in Sweden?! This is a rare occurence, indeed! And it's not a short one, either...!

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The bombcast seems to continue to talk less and less about video games. I've mixed feelings about this.

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How is your oven barely able to fit a 20lb turkey in it?

What is WRONG with your hooouuussseee?

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Vinny's back!!! Sweeeeeeet. I love Vinny. Stuff's always better with him around.

@Arkanti said:

The bombcast seems to continue to talk less and less about video games. I've mixed feelings about this.

I've listened to literally EVERY episode and it's always only been tangentially about video games. At least, that's the running gag. What Bombcast have you been listening to?

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I used to listen to the Bombcast, but then I took a kick to the dick.

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Vi- Vinny is back? My eyes is getting watery as if I just won an Oscar.

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VINNY! *faints*

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@mnzy said:

VINNY! *faints*

*high fives*
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Fuck yes for Vinny being back. Thank Jesus.

Not so much with the Saints Row talk. Game really isn't that good.

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inb4 some weirdo interprets Ryan's "oh man the people we had to fill that chair with!" as genuine hatred for Will Smith and Navarro.

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I love that Vinny pre-ordered a turkey.

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No "new" tag on the podcast tab. Good thing I clicked through anyway.

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Guys guys, Vinny's back, but he took an arrow in the knee :(

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aw yeah!

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This was most unexpected. Bombcast ahoy!

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I'm also loving the Corpse Party talk! Ooooooh yeeeeeah!

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I held my breath in protest until Vinny was back to the bombcast.

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You're welcome, guys.


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I grow increasingly worried that Saints Row: The Third is going to put up a fight for game of the year, which seems absolutely insane to me.

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We didn't stuff our turkey either. You can cook a turkey in many ways.

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I used to not post about the bombcast, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

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Stealth bomber-cast