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Posted by Daanienator

Listening to it right now, but now I have to go to school

Posted by Goldanas

I guess it's pointless posting without having listened, but I know it'll be good, so good job guys.

Posted by PabloDiablo

I feel like I was waiting forever for this one!

Posted by NateDogg

Sweet. Saving this for work tomorrow as usual every Wed.

Posted by JJOR64

lol    Two takes = No Bueno

Edited by TwoOneFive

i haven't listened to a podcast the night it was published in a while. 

gonna do it. 
i'm doin it. 
doin it dude. 
Posted by SBYM

That's gotta suck.

Posted by StaticFalconar

ahhh, too FN late to stay up for it now. I'll listen to it tomorrow.

Posted by insanejedi

Hey, good on you guys for taking up the flag for the podcast. You could have said whatever BUT YOU FLEW THAT FLAG!
Thanks guys.

Posted by Wade_Wilson

Round 2 fight!

Posted by ep_driver

"It sounds like you're destroying a part of the future!"   -Hahahaha. Pleaseeeeee use your noise making device EVERY Podcast.

Posted by ep_driver

Some don't enjoy this and some other Podcasts because you guys are unstructured and just shoot the shit, but I think it's amazing and hilarious because you guys crack many of us up. Keep up the good work.

Posted by elektrixx

Is Foster's good? I live in Australia and have never had it. With that being said nobody really drinks it here despite the stereotype.

Edited by Rowr

Ewww fosters, We export the shitty beers and keep the good stuff for ourselves.

This podcast is awesome!

Drinking + Podcast = Win.

also dont listen to the guy below me, the house band is awesome.

Edited by TomA

O gosh i hate that stupid talk box thing, i hope they don't use it again.

Posted by Mars_Cleric

I agree Fosters is barely sold here and is only on tap in tourist towns.
Coopers is by far the greatest beer.

Posted by Jeff

The cans are big.

Posted by Aaox

And who doesn't love big cans?

Posted by Seroth

You guys should do two podcasts more often. I found this more entertaining than usual, and the usual amount of entertainment is quite high.

Edited by TheJadeAngel

Oh man this is the first Podcast i've caught from you guys .  I can't believe its taken me this long to come on over to GB , man i haven't laughed so hard in a good while .  I got a lot of catching up to do ,... phuking awesome shit man i'll be catching all of them in the future .  BTW yall are drinking Forsters ?  Man that stuff is crap , i wanna send you all a carton of Carlton Cold .   Thats what ya want to rock ya socks lol


on Dec. 10, 2008
I agree Fosters is barely sold here and is only on tap in tourist towns.
Coopers is by far the greatest beer.


Oh yeah Bottles of Coopers that  would be even better .   Use to brew it some time back but i  was starting to enjoy it just a little to much haha got the alchohol content up to 12% and still tasting crisp . Lol it was a challenge for anyone to get through more than 3 bottles .
Posted by SkipT

I would find it devastating to lose 2 hours of work. Thanks for going back and doing it over for us.

Posted by KensterFox

They don't need to do two takes every week.

They DO need to be boozed up every week. Giant Bomb + Alcohol = Epic Awesome

Posted by salavaster

Jez man, jez... you guys are still laughing but I feel your hidden pain. It's like your in pure hell and the day never ends. Dedication to your jobs? Woah, you guys never cease to amaze.

Edited by yellownumber5

Well... hey I guess I'm drink by now... sp.. er so than shur  I am ahppppy,  un, er um, haapppy, to, dammit I just lost my smoke in the trash... hold on...

In actuality..  It is glad to see the group with the goofiness that kindof got lost when before the tgs days.  Welcome back, even if it means you gotta do the whole thing all over again.  Incomprehensible giggling makes it all work for me.  So Gracias.  I'm in company.  We are home.

Posted by Aas

Nothing like a bowl of cornflakes and the Bombcast to start a Wednesday morning.

Edited by jakob187

GB crew...from now on, you guys need to be gettin' yo drank on with the Bombcasts!!!  They are always fun...but this...THIS...is fucking epic!!!

And Brad... *points peace sign back and forth between our eyes* ...toboggans.  I gotcha on that, mofo.  We eye to eye there.
Posted by delrobertto

I'm australian aswell, and i will confirm that fosters is filth. i really don't understand why it sells so well overseas, personally though can't go past guiness.

Keep up the great podcasts i'm loving it.

Posted by coakroach

guys dont drink fosters
no one in australia drinks and/or sells fosters
tooheys new is a decent aussie beer

Edited by Death_Burnout

Ah ha! i knew they would of have to have done this one twice, just knew it.

Sometimes, your knowledge of certain game's stories can be appauling though :/ but that's understandable of course. Funny as fuck though!!! that keyboard thing is the best addition to the podcast since...well i dunno!

Community podcast's...uuugh.

Posted by Foil1212

You know what happens when you record a podcast twice? It's a funnier podcast!

Posted by FlappyHands

Re-recorded the podcast? Damn, man. What happened? Oh well the second run is pretty entertaining!

Posted by Captain_Insano

Coakroach is right
Don't drink Fosters guys (although it contributes to our economy and is probably better than American beers)
The amusing thing is that no-one here does drink it, but it is the 'Aussie beer'
Tooheys Extra Dry or Tooheys Pils is where it is at. Plus its always mad walking into a bottle-o (bottle shop) and asking for some Pils
Looking forward to listening to the podcast guys

Posted by FlappyHands

Hey what's with all the Fosters hating I like Fosters it's better than fookin' Carling, I don't care how australian it is it's better than being punched in the face by a kangaroo.

Posted by H00NER

If Patrick Fitzgerald has been wiretapping the GiantBomb, then maybe the original podcast can be saved?

Posted by raikoh05

why does this happen? happened on 1up podcasts a few times. godamnit.

Posted by FalcomAdol

Giant Bombcast, it's Australian for Giant Bomb Podcast.

Posted by erinfizz

I sure haven't thought about Bel Biv Devoe in a looong time....skating makes ME think of Biz Markie....

"You....you got what I nEEeed....but you say he's just a friend...but you say he's just a friend...."

Posted by G0rd0nFr33m4n

Holy shit! , you dudes drink FOSTERS ?!?!?! I thought I was only oje in North America that knew that stuff even existed, let alone dirnked and liked it. Rock On.

Posted by Carlos1408

nothing can beat a good old guiness mate :)

Posted by JohnDeadly

I have long advocated doing podcasts either high or drunk.

Posted by yates


Posted by MeatSim

I think this podcast will be on Giantbomb's greatest hits album.

Posted by ddensel

A Spaceballs and an M reference? Excellent.

Posted by Sephiroth9997

Wait.....What's wrong with Blood Wake?  I thought it was pretty radical. 

Aside from that, BEST.PODCAST.ON.THE.NET!

Posted by ToxicFruit

nice that was my first hearing the bomb cast. rly fun

Posted by Jesus_Juice

It's a good thing Mac's suck and destroyed the first podcast. It sounded like it wasn't as good as this one.

Edited by DavidSnakes

I'm in the minority, but that really sucked.  Listening to a bunch of drunk guys laugh at the dumbest shit over and over when you yourself are sober is not fun. 

Posted by skywing

he is the man!

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