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 yees! bombcast! , how iv'e waited for you!

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aw snap Jeff Green!

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perfect timing, about to clean the office

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Holy shit early bombcast.

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Fucking early, damn

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Jeff Green?! Hell yeah!

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Wow, early-ass Bombcast. Really liked Jeff Green on the last one too.

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Never enough of good ol Greenie.... Ok maybe no one calls him ol Greenie.   yet...

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The Giant Booombcaaaast!

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Is it Tuesday already? This snow is screwing up my schedule.

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giddyup jinglehorse!

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Hell yes. Afternoon saved.

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So wait, is this the normal on and then game of the year is happening periodically over the next week or something, or how is that working out. Oh yeah, and you guys need to do one of those lists of things what you want for Christmas other than video games, I actually really enjoyed them.

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Wow. Super Early.  Put It On The Pizza!

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Holy early bombcast batman!

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I thought that this was coming out during the night in Sweden since I saw Ryans tweet. So I waited. And waited. But it didn't show up. 

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Sweet.  Now I can procrastinate studying longer!!!

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Super Early, much appreciated. :)

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Awww, yeah! Podcast time.

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Sweet! Early and long! Just the way I love my Bombcast!

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wooo!!! green!!!

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Whipped cream pours like waterfalls!

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cant type good comment too busy listening

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So early!

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Are you ready to play?!

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ryan must be mad being locked in that podcast room already

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@Milkman said:
" WHAT? NO! "
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Super mega early bombcast

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This is up super early. All for that.

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Ehhh...put it on the pizza!

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Jeff Green in the house? FUCK YES!

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Super Duper Early Bombcast!!

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Believe it or don't - I NEEDED this Bombcast.

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R U RDY 2 PLAY???????

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great to see you guys going Green! 
anyone.. anyone?

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I've got a very busy day tomorrow. I should sleep now, actually. But... I cannot resist! Will listen to it now!
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Am I dreaming or is this the EarliestCast?

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As much as I love Jeff Green, I wanted to reach through the internet and slap him when he said the TSA shit was "No big deal."  It's people shrugging it off like it's not to worry about that's part of the damn problem.  RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!  That said, love Jeff Green with the crew.

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My bombcast runs deep, so deep put her ass to sleep.