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Posted by JJOR64

w00t, its up!

Posted by vegetashonor

I can't wait to hear it!!! ^_^ Thanks guys!!!

Posted by Scooper

Best picture for a podcast ever.

Posted by elektrixx

Thanks Ryan.

I hope you generally liked the VGA's. I did.

Posted by GamespotNoMore

I hope you guys didn't have to record this podcast twice this week:-)

Posted by Jesus_Juice

Wow, pretty early. Will listen later.

Edited by Death_Burnout

Yay, early podcast.

Haha, the Dissidia jokes dont get old and im glad they made a return, also, totally brought back memories of the Other Final Fantasy Potion taste tests way back when.

Mario Lopez rented that place out once so you know it had class!!

Oh and i also think Home is Junk.

God damn you guys and your odd American Doritos, we have those 2 flavour mix bags but not in those flavours you guys have. Also, fun fact, its not "nacho cheese" here, its "tangy cheese" here in the UK...which sucks, but cool original/cool ranch is awesome...thankyouverymuch (assuming they're the same in taste) I can expect Burger King is better there but, theres nothing wrong with our bacon double cheeseburgers i can assure you that much

Edited by NoDeath

Isn't it wonderful to come home after a long day, kick your shoes off and sit back to listen to the bombcast with a box of chocholates and a tall glass of moutain dew?

EDIT: I made this comment prior to listening to the start of the podcast. Dew ftw!

EDIT2: now with fries and burger

Posted by Paradigmer

I wonder what "Arthur" has to do with the podcast?

- listening now!
Posted by bjorno

whoa, its early.

Posted by Player1

Really early today guys! Thanks, lets me listen to it tonight, instead of tomorrow.

Posted by GleasonRyan
Edited by LiquidPrince

Best soundtrack was won by MGS4 not Rockband. By the way good show. I don't understand Home either.

Posted by PabloDiablo

hurray for posting the podcast at a reasonable hour!
thanks guys.

Posted by Jeff


There were two sound awards. MGS4 won best original score, I believe. They do the licensed vs. original split.
Posted by whackmypinata

I'm diggin this Jerry Stiller pic.

Posted by TomA

I don't know if drinking too much should be something to be proud of,but great podcast!

Posted by Mairs89

Don't know if you guys have tasted Red Bull cola, if not you need to coz that stuff is crazy.

Great show u dudes rock.

Posted by Metal_Mills

Damn, I have to wait until tomorrow to listen to it. Ah well, can't wait!

Edited by fox01313

Saw some of the vga & agreed on how it seemed lifeless at times. My main gripe is Rock Band2 getting best soundtrack, with all the dlc in that game that's like giving the best soundtrack to a 5 hour documentary of rock. It's going to have most of the best songs in it anyway given the variety of songs.

Plus side, the angel silver painted women looked cool though, too bad they didn't show more of them.

And for the soccer mom game review info thingy, I think that most parents might be listening to their kids or just glancing at the reviews on places like Amazon or other general shopping online places.

Posted by Xcessive


Edited by PaulM

yea keeping some vodka on hand is a great idea in fact i think having a variety of alcohol to combine with drinks would be a really great idea

Edited by TwoOneFive

i like home, it free, so its kinda cool. 

anyways, kick ass podcast, very funny man.....lol casted audience. all lookin good on purpose. 
Edited by yellownumber5

Home was like expecting a Disneyland trip and finding out on getting there its one of those quarter fed rocket ships that sit out in front of supermarkets.  Maybe the full version will have a little oscillating race car.  I had all these fantastic possiblilities of Home cooked up into my head that seeing virtually the real thing was kindof a letdown.

Sure its free, but if the next time I go grocery shopping and someone stops me before I go into the store to let me know I could ride the little rocket for free I'd pass on it, even if I could put a sticker on it of my choosing for just ten cents.

Posted by insane_shadowblade85

I agree with TwoOneFive. Home's all right mainly because it's free and it's still beta, isn't it? If Sony charged for it and if that was the final product, then I wouldn't bother with it.

Posted by TwoOneFive

dude,  remember how GENERIC Deap Space looked like way back, and we were all presently surprised at how good it was. All the gimmicky looking stuff ended up being such clever things, all meant to increase the immersion. Also, remember how "90's" looking the Dead Space logo looks on the main start screen?! lol, these guys don't care. I absolutely will not be judging this game because it has a cheesy vibe. 

Posted by ep_driver

If that hotel Spike put you up in is right off the 405 at Sunset and is a cylinder, I know exactly what you're talking about, and yes, that was a Holiday Inn.

Posted by x_59

no cold that you guys have down there can compare to the cold of Canada. I'd like to see one of you guys wear shorts here in our -20 Celsius or for you Americans that's -4 Fahrenheit, and it gets even colder than that.

Posted by dagas

Man all this talk about Doritos makes me want them sooooooo bad! I used to buy them a lot when I lived in Canada, but we don't have them in Sweden since the tortilla chips market is tiny over here compared to potato chips.

Posted by JackLumber

That bit about the Oscar changes was just depressing. Personally, I love the Oscars. I don't think they're boring at all. But that might just be me, seeing as I'm a huge film buff and currently studying for a film degree.

I personally think that video games need something more like the Oscars. The Academy Awards actually have credibility. When someone wins an Oscar, there is a sense that they clearly accomplished something. Its not like all the other awards shows which are clearly just huge marketing events. When I see an awards show that keeps cutting to crap like exclusive trailers for upcoming games, I get really pissed off and wonder how much thought was actually put into the giving out of the awards. An awards ceremony should be devoted to giving out awards to honor the accomplishments of the people receiving them, not a way to make money. Obviously they need to make money, but that shouldn't be the top priority. Putting the focus on anything but the award winners and nominees is an insult to the people who worked so hard on those games.

Posted by GamespotNoMore

hey man, you wanna a London Whopper?

Posted by Birdwalk
Posted by TwoOneFive

no, oscars are looonng and boring for the most part, but there are many many aspects of the oscars they need to learn from. like showing making it more about the rewards. 

Posted by TwoOneFive

holy shit Far Cry 2 user created maps that steal from other games are sometimes better than the real thing!: 

Posted by Cman107

I thought your guy's way of looking at HOME was really negative....besides that, I loved the podcast!

Posted by TwoOneFive

Won't Heavy Rain have a seriously in depth game in which choices lead to different branching story lines? They have like 70 actors working on it. I think its possible. 

Posted by bigcess

How can you not like Cool Ranch Doritos?

Posted by Phished0ne

i almost cried when they started talking about Jerry Stiller needing help down the stairs :( 

Posted by Terrellism

I normally don't have anything to do on Tuesday nights. Im sooo glad you guys release a podcast every tuesday so I have something to do after work . Thank You. You complete me. 

Posted by SkipT

I'm curious about the glitch that briefly referenced for removing achievements. That seems really bizarre and I would be curious to know more.

Posted by ep_driver

Q's on Wilshire in San Mo is dope! My brother worked at an accounting firm across the street from that spot.

Posted by KaosAngel

Yay.  I'm glad you got the Potions, sorry I taped it so much...scared it might have broken!  Keep up the great work!

Posted by floodiastus

dagas: we got doritos in sweden, what ya talkin bout. You must live in some farmer community  ;)

Posted by wafflestomp

Props to whoever was singing the Doug theme.

Posted by Mooshu

Great podcast as always, and I agree with you guys... Home is junk.

Posted by Gorlith

Good podcast as usual. Now I'm hungry for Doritos and also zombie-cyborg research.

Edited by Aaox

You mean you got a 'B0X0RZ 0F T3H R0X0RZ' in the mail?!

DAMN! I've always wanted one of those!
Posted by punkxblaze

Just as a quick note, there are, in fact, Strogg zombies. Sort of. In quake 4, in the sewers-ish level, there are lumbering, emaciated, slimy things called Failed Transfers that are analogous to zombies in their movement and purpose.

Also, they pop out of barrels and scare the piss out of me. Especially when they keep crawling towards me when I've shot their legs off >:[.

Posted by TheHBK

Fucking Brad!  Always with the breaks!

Posted by Landmine

i love the "today, i mean.. yesterday."  "tomorrow, uhhh.. today." instances.

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