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Listen all y'all, it's a sabotage

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Every check is verified by a human (same day, not instant), FYI. Even if the ATM reads it automatically. At the bank I used to work for, anyway.

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Best podcast picture ever.

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Weird that I can listen to this without a subscription. Whatever, this version sucks.

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Welcome to the BRAD SHOW!

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dat photo!

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Man, that bank conversation took a weird turn... Thanks, Brad

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Is it too much to ask to star the premium version too? Tired of downloading the commercial one by mistake.

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Podcast image making me uncomfortable.

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Micro transaction monetized question blocks. That's where the real money's at.

Podcast image making me uncomfortable.

Domino up!

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Did not know there was a premium version of this until I Jeff mentioned Stamps.com.. then proceeded to listen to the ad.. cause Jeff and Vinny are just so damned entertaining lol.